Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Projek Amanat Negara 2015 - Building a Brand New Perspective

Last weekend, I attended a highly valuable event, an event that cost £10 000 mentioned by Mikhail the chairman of UKEC and still, all the speakers was not paid for the event. lalalala.. However, the event was held in the Elgar Concert Hall, University of Birmingham. Really beautiful venue and they provide all kinds of sandwiches for lunch, about 10 types? Perhaps that is why it cost so much for the event. i think. ok, moving on..

Projek Amanat Negara this year has a tagline "building a brand new perspective" They have powerful speakers, Dato Sri Nazir Razak & Professor Danny Quah, to talk on Malaysia as the chairman for ASEAN and to talk about the economic integration between ASEAN countries. Dato Sri Nazir was right when he said no one talks about ASEAN. Even I don't know much about ASEAN. Being exposed on a few things during the talk makes me realised that we have such ASEAN community, we have this issues, that issues. Good exposure!

The next session was on the power of women, solely to promote more women to get into politics because the number of women in our parliament today is saddening. Conducted by Dato Sri Azalina Othman, the fizzy of a drink, the cherry on a cupcake, the highlight among all. Why? because she is right when she said women is more fun than men. She did talk a bit on women issues such as rape in marriages and how different people perceive it. It is extremely surprising that there is such view that see the issue as something that is not rape, because the husband has the right to have sex with his wife.
I agree
if u force to have sex?
even if u are husband and wife
it is called RAPE
*refer to the definition of rape if u are confused*

Then the following session was on youth empowerment where i found Miss Ng Yeen Seen reminded us the importance to vote for the next GE. She also showed us some picture in Kelantan during the flood disaster. It was really shocking and heart breaking to see such images. And she said the volunteering work during that time really did unite people from any background to provide the humanitarian aid. Besides that, she pointed out that vernacular school doesn't really contribute to disunity among us, Malaysians. Because parents should have the option to decide which school they want their child to be in.

Last session was on the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025, which I have no idea what is it all about. AHA It was a discussion/debate between a local lecturer, Dr Adam Tyson and YB Tony Pua, to be honest, I cant really relate myself with this topic, it was a dry session by Dr Tyson but not Tony Pua. Perhaps Tony knows what we want to hear. AHAHA However, "this is the best blueprint that Malaysia has ever produced" said YB Tony. I don't know anything about this so I cant tell if its going to improve our education system or not, but from both sides and all of us agree that implementation is what matters the most in any kind of plans.

To conclude, I am really glad I made the decision to attend this event, to be honest, the talk on women issues that motivates me to attend PAN2015. I am sensitive to women issues especially if u live in Sheffield, the Malaysians here are practicing inequality activities against women development (referring to a specific Malaysian society). This thing that women are not allowed to sing/perform in public that consist of men
i am totally confused
why is it there is such thing here
i dont think i've come across this when i was in the primary school or high school
i just think this is too disgusting and i have to mention it