Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rainbow Dash?

It all happened on Sunday morning where I foolishly tell the whole world that I am celebrating the Pride, that I am happy for those who have fought and stood up to make life more unbiased. That I am happy for those who had been marginalised. That I am happy for those who had been discriminated for their sexual orientation. That I am happy for those who live secretly in the name of respectability. I guess that would be the biggest mistake of the year. 
I should just keep it to myself
I should be less vocal
I should be less opinionated
I should be extra careful?
I also should see it at a different side and not just one side?

When I found out about the Pride I was thinking about these things
Human Rights
No to HATE
Stop discrimination

I should have these things in mind instead
GAY is wrong
if u started to rainbow'rised your display picture, everyone will do the same and probably turn gay 
*somehow some people think rainbow has this magic effect that i don't really comprehend*

I didn't think of that because I always believe that whatever we have become, we are the only one responsible for that. Not the people around us, not the environment nor the surrounding. We all do things that we want to do. Things that we like to do. Things that we decide to do.

In my opinion, this matter is more to accepting people for whatever they decide to become and perhaps its ok to let some people burn in hell for being gay *because in Islam being gay is a great sin. Although I still think God is Merciful, God is the Greatest and God is Gracious. No one will judge u except Him*

And my intention wasn't to urge other people to stand on the same ground as I am standing. I was just happy for them as they now have their rights taken care of. As much as i know being gay is wrong, but if being gay makes u happy then i will accept that. u live ur life happily and i'll live mine. its human nature to seek happiness and i could understand that.

However, i didn't see the religious side of this matter. Maybe because I don't know much about Islam and I am more liberal. I really want to know if i would still have the same point of view if I am closer to my religion. As for now, I just need to accept all views and sieve. That is the best i can do right now. I think.

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