Saturday, February 14, 2015

Shroomaloomi! Bungalows and Bears

Finally get to taste Shroomaloomi and it was shroomazing! I like how it can be so simple yet so tasty. The flat mushrooms are so tasty and top with grilled halloumi that will never go wrong
best vege burger I've ever had so far in Sheffield

Old Fire Station, 50 Division Street, SHEFFIELD, S1 4GF
2-4-1 burger deal every TUESDAY
 my date went missing LOL
 its all about em burgers!

I have to say I love the place so much! Reminds me of TGI Fridays, but they have their own edgy surrounding. The place is lively and the staff is super friendly! I would say their service is good and fast! In my opinion, this 2-4-1 deal is a great deal especially for students. U get delicious burger with generous amount of fries and fillings, great environment and a great service. U can spend less than 10quid here for a good burger and drinks!

Also, I like how they provide the newsletter! *cheers for a good marketing plan* I think its really useful because u get to know the latest events, they have live music and quiz night. Overall, I had a good night and definitely will recommend this place to my friends!

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