Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sweet Escape to London

After a year in Sheffield, I finally decided to discover London. The decision was made when I was stressed out with my studying. Its a tough year and I always have to struggle with my studies, however I accept the fact that I have to work hard because it is Uni anyway. 

I have to say winter holiday will be the time where I'll make a random trip to anywhere. Last year, it was Barcelona, but this year, my bank account is crying for a little savings. Hence I chose somewhere nearby. The first stop I made in London is the China Town, Chiayu is craving for dim sum so we went to her regular place; Wan Chai Corner. 

We took the bus to China Town and thats where the first londoner, a cute guy ,gave me a smile and i smiled back. When I am about to leave the bus, he said Hi with a really cute smile, and I gave him the impression 
awwww u look so cute but i have to go out now *smiles*



I love the fried taro with beansprouts because it taste exactly like char kuay teow! Also all the dim sum is really fresh and we had 7 types of dishes. We literally struggling to finish all the food, the price is really reasonable, the lunch only cost us £24+. 

Then we head to her favourite bar near China Town, La Perla, to meet Nichola, her colleague in Wagamama. The place has the best price for happy hour (thats what she said LOL) The house red wine is nice and they have really nice margarita without ice and also frozen ones (according to Nichola). That is the place where a second guy is eyeing me and I knew he's a malaysian (from his accent). So this chinese fella is a business analyst and he gave us a long introduction of himself and his business that evening, nothing so interesting. AHAH. We leave the place around 5pm to catch our musical play; Bat Boy.

Bat Boy Musical is amazing. This is my first time to watch a musical play and Im so glad Chiayu brought me to watch this. I really enjoyed the night because the songs are really catchy, u feel like dancing all the time. My feet were moving all the time. There were some glitch but it wasn't too much that will make u annoyed or whatsoever. Overall, I don't mind to watch this again because its enjoyable and fun!
because the one we watched the next night, is awful

The next morning, we went to Borough Market and Netil Market. I saw dead rabbits and other animals hanging in front of one of the meat stalls. There are many interesting things that u can get in Borough Market but they are all overpriced because its somewhat has been commercialised. Well, u can get cheap avocados but u have to be really careful since most of them are ready-to-eat-straightaway. 

In Netil market, it was up north and so far away from Borough Market, the only reason we visit the place is to try this taiwanese place called Bao London. The market has a lot of interesting stuff as well, u can find unique espresso maker from Italy at a decent price, accessories from cheap to bloody expensive, and a lot of independent food stalls!

some locals designer

 some independent foodie stalls

After that we went for a drink in Hutong at The Shard before visiting Tate Modern. If u planned to visit the place, u have to wear proper shoe and no trainers is allowed because its just too posh for that LOL Also, to prevent from waiting outside the entrance, it will be better if u make a reservation because they limit the number of walk-in people. 




Tate Modern visit is so-so for me, I was lucky Chiayu lend me her Tate card so I get to see  some exhibitions for free! I love some of the paintings, got me staring for minutes. I spent 2 hours in there so I think I did enjoyed the visit.

That evening we went to Shakespeares Globe, to watch our second play; The Knight of the Burning Pestle. We got a shitty standing place because the available tickets left when I was buying online, were the ones with limited view. However, I think its not nice for the place to sell those seat and make easy money
*i was very disappointed and very upset*
Although stated 'limited view', may as well just state 'no view at all' because we really can't see the cast most of the time and its really hard to enjoy the story with less view. Also, we have to stand for 3 bloody hours with "limited view"
*just not worth it*

We got the place at the side of the stage; DC4 and DC5 upper gallery. If u are planning to watch a play in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, make sure u buy the one at the opposite side of DC4/5. Because I think u can see better at the other side instead of my side. Its always better to seat in front of the stage and lower gallery.


 theres a cafe inside the playhouse that serves sandwiches, cakes and drinks

I didn't managed to take a picture of the beautiful candles chandeliers because the staff told me no pictures can be taken inside *ops* the playhouse has beautiful decor, they use real candles for all the play and I feel really shakepeare-ish. Nice place but too bad we didn't get a nice seating place. Perhaps next time!

I have a feeling that from now on, I might be going down London often for their theatre show. I really want to watch a ballet show. I think I made the right decision to study in Sheffield instead of somewhere near London!

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