Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sumo San Sheffield! First Post in 2015?

I am truly motivated to write this because i remembered something. I remember that I managed to get involved in the Sheffield Foodie Network recently and I am really glad to be one of them! So this will be my first time to write a review on a restaurant! 

This japanese place is suggested by my new friend from Morocco, named Ali. We became friends after a chat in the library while taking our break, it was a typically way for me to make friends. I talk to strangers a lot and some of them are my friends until now. 
Well, u will never go wrong with me if u invite me to have a sushi dinner! AHA!

Both of us never tried the place and Ali never tried japanese food before. This is ridiculous and nonsense, i know. lalalala Thank god he broke the record and tried it with me. He also can't use the chopstick but I managed to teach him, because I keep telling him to never give up and force him to use the chopstick properly. HAHAHA

Sumo San
16 Suffolk Road, Sheffield, S2 4AG 
Agedashi Tofu £4 and Miso Soup (comes with the Unagi Don)
Refreshing tofu with perfect sauce. Not too sweet, just nice

Unagi Yanagawa Don £13.50
The sauce is sweet and the potion is enough for two. We didn't even managed to finish a quarter of the rice. 

Sumo San Rolls £9.80
Fresh salmon and prawns

This is a nice 'japanese' getaway from the city. A nice place to have a quiet, romantic dinner because the music is not loud and the place is not packed with people. The surrounding is a little bit japanese-ish with the coloured wooden tables and chairs, and also the staff are wearing the traditional japanese attire. Besides that, the table settings, the plates and bowls are really japanese-ish. The staff greeted me well when we enter the restaurant and replied me well when i asked suggestions. The food arrived quite fast, didn't take a long time to serve us.

I am really particular about the authenticity of a japanese restaurant after I tried Wagamama (not a japanese restaurant for me and its over-rated and expensive). Sakushi is not too bad (just that sometimes the service is bad). Sumo San would be the place to feel more japanese, rather than just having sushi.

The green tea, to be honest, i can't even taste or smell the tea. Although its just green tea, but i think a good japanese restaurant should have a really good green tea. I will be surprised if there's any japanese restaurants here in Sheffield serve Sencha Green Tea or Genmaicha Green Tea. Those two are the best green tea to have when having sushi.

If u planned to visit this place, I would suggest u to try other than those that i have tried because for me, i didn't found them interesting. Probably next time I should go for the Dragon Sumo Rolls or the creativity list of sushi!

I have to say there was no wow factor in my visit but the fact that i like the quiet, tranquility atmosphere, I will come back here if I need a peaceful sushi moment! or a nice romantic japanese dinner :D 

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