Sunday, October 12, 2014

Amsterdam Alone *but not quite alone*

I have been procrastinating to write a post on my Amsterdam trip so here it is! I went there just before my new semester starts. Purpose was in case, i'll be busy during the christmas holiday, at least i have done some travelling in my 1st semester.

one word for Amsterdam
from now on i will always sum up my trip in one word. and i keep telling my friends that Amsterdam has a really big windows and they are all transparent. I am seriously intrigued by it because it is such a distinct sight and its amazing. u can be awed whenever u look at the window
the paintings in the house
the house deco
some naked people ahahah
interior of an office

I went there alone and stayed in a hostel(girls only) for the first time. i was anxious because i thought it will be somewhat dodgy, instead it was not bad at all. I made a friend straightaway and we discovered the city together
I did tried the "special cake" since I had it with Chiayu. We shared one cake, the effect took so long to kick in, we thought the cake doesn't work on us. However, 3/4 hours after that, i was stoned while Chiayu sleep it off. It was one hell of an experience but hey, its Amsterdam. To be honest, i wouldn't take the cake if I'm alone and since I have someone with me, so why not? hihihi

anyway, i chose Amsterdam solely for Van Gogh Museum and it was really amazing. I also went to Howard Greenberg photo exhibition in the Jewish Historical Museum. Anne Frank house is not that fascinating. The walk at the red light district is a lil bit scary if one of the lady try to persuade u some 'services'. Also, during a walk at a street market, I saw 2 lads staring at one of the big windows, so i look. I see a naked lady doing her bed.

Third Year Student

I am so glad i managed the second year, honestly, because i know a few who didn't make it to the third year. Hence, I am really really grateful.

As usual, engineering students always have a packed schedule. I just got my complete schedule and I've allocated my study time, hopefully i will be obedient this year and perform better.
I have an individual project this year, something about the opto characteristic of GaAsBi. My supervisor has introduced me to 2 phd students, i hope i can do well because I need to pass this in order to go to the 4th year!