Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Revision Week

Finals is next week and I am really glad my department allocated 2 weeks of revision before the finals because I started to understand more what i've been learning for the whole year. 

its almost half of the year and this reminds me to look back my achievements, just like what I did last year. Thanks to u (u know who u are). I can say i've gained a lot in the beginning of the year. i thought this year wouldn't be a good year for me because i was struggling with my studies, my stress level have taken my body to a different level and affected my menstrual cycle for the first time till i get so scared that something is really wrong with me. However, I think the year went pretty well especially during Easter. hihi..

I really can't wait till my flight to KL. In fact i can't wait for the food during my flight too. ahahaha! I am obsessed with Etihad food. They are all amazing! I still remember, even the snacks at night they gave me a really really good sandwich. I think i would always stick to Etihad if i want to fly back home. They even achieved good recognition this year after launching The Residence.

The Residence will stop those rich people to buy a private jet because they can now have  ultimate flying experience with Etihad, which i think having a private jet cost more since it consumes money for the storage and maintenance. 

sometimes i think i bring luck to business. i kid not. even unknown cafes, i start to advertise them, they will get known and more customer. oh well, perhaps this is just me flattering my skills of publicist. ahahahah

i didn't planned to write about Etihad. it just came out from my mind and no, they are not paying me for this. oh well, i hope they do :D till then, take care of your health. as we all know, u'll be living ur life at the fullest only when at ur greatest (health) condition.