Friday, May 23, 2014

"You keep going!"

Sarah and I went for a jog yesterday and I never felt so good after a run like this before just because she had a good time. We did my normal route which is 5km, from Endcliffe Village right at the end of Endcliffe Park and u-turn towards Ecclesall Road and pass through the Botanical Garden. At the botanical garden, where it started off hilly, once u reached the fountain, it was a flat road. Thats when Sarah was so relieved the hill was over and she sprint right at the end.
the picture is not mine, using it for the time being
At the end, she stopped and put both her hands up, conveying a great success. That is her standing ovation hihihi a group of guys saw her and applaud loudly saying 
she was a bit startled, not noticing anyone is watching
lastly, she bowed :)
I knew straight away she just had a good run

Sometimes, when we have something that bothers us, we do things that managed to clear out our mind. In this case, running is our solution to have clear mind. If u haven't found anything that is able to clear out ur mind, chill...

It is a process of discovery hence be patient and kind to yourself in any type of discovery. Don't give up. Keep going.
the bunch of guys cheered me that and thought i have loss my energy but i never stop when i am running :) however, it was a nice one.

Anyway, if u ever want to feel good about urself. Go for a run! Trust me.