Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Say It

I have problems with people who keep their opinions, objections, criticism to themselves and probably tell others about it when the issues can be solved when u just tell to 'that' person instead of someone else.
or tweet about it :D

I think expressing thoughts is important and it can be done through many types of channel. However, if all of your thoughts consist of dissatisfaction, disagreement. I really think u should express this to the person who u are disagree with. 
not tweet about it
keep it to urself
tell ur best friend or ur sister or some random person

Let me tell u my opinion on people who tweets all the disagreement that they have in work, in relationships or everywhere. In my opinion, tweeting about it is absolutely going to create a habit where u won't be telling the person off what has been bugging u. This in turns will take over ur life and make u a person who is not capable of making ur own stand. For me, it is really crucial when it comes to developing our own capabilities. 

Some people might not notice, how this little matter will ever effected them. U might not see the big picture now, but after time, it will give an impact to u and ur life. My point is, many times of expressing disagreement, especially in the social media or even to your best friend, will be a habit and it is not a good habit. This will interrupt ur capabilities in things and the best thing to do is either love ur life and stop complaining or express your feelings and thoughts to 'that' person.