Sunday, May 18, 2014

Round Table

Yesterday, I had a really intense moment with my group mates where we have to discuss the peer assessment. The peer assessment need to be done in a group and I have decided to do it, on a round table in the Student Union.

This is one of our assignment for Human Resource and Management (MGT) module, at first we were given a case study and we have to analyse it and prepare a proposal on project management. All of us are taking engineering courses and this is really challenging in terms of completing the assignment with the highest effort.

Since the marks for the proposal does not contribute that much, some of us has a certain level of quality for their work. I have my own level and I guess everyone has their own level of effort that they have allocated for this assignment. Motivation is one of the biggest contribution for that since the awareness of not getting much out of it, top that with the level of understanding that we have on the module
we are engineering students
we don't fancy this much
Due to that, I can say this assignment has challenged me in many ways and I am really glad to experience all this because at some point i realised i have learnt many skills in handling people and situations.

During the peer assessment, we discussed the marks that each of us deserve for the assignment, in terms of quality of work, effort, listening ideas, meeting's punctuality etc. Hence, u can imagine how intense it can be because conflict starts from the beginning till the end of the session. I have made the session to be democracy where we vote for the marks and those who are not satisfied with the verdict will be given a chance to have a say in that matter.

It is really important for the group to respect each other when someone is making his/her stand. Besides that, I am really glad even though we have one teammate that doesn't contribute much, we still have mercy on him and not deducting 10% from the proposal marks. We still deduct him marks but not 10%.

The session have made me develop my assertiveness and taught me how to handle intense situations. Although some of my teammates may not agree with the marks that was given to them, by having arguments and stating statements, this leads to the acceptance of the marks or changes to the marks. 

success can be anything, and to get something one do have to take the stairs. Nothing comes easy without effort. Nothing great is ever created without no effort or no sweat.