Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Thats a musical instrument called Electric Wind Instrument and I met someone who played the EWI. After years of living, I never heard of it until I met Emily. Apparently it was introduced long time ago, in 1970's
oh my god. where have I been living before this... hihi
I guess the instrument is not that commercial but how come it is not when it is such a cool instrument and its not something like a traditional musical instrument, the one that can be categorised as a tribe or a country's instrument.
me no comprendo :D
Its like a flute, so the way of playing it is the same, I think so. I am just surprised that I never come across this instrument and its really cool that I met someone who is playing it. There is a lot more out there, in the world, that we don't know. And it can be a bizarre thing, like this piece of cool musical instrument, that I think, we all should know by now. People has to know it like they know the guitar or the piano.

My aunt just sent me all the pictures when I was in France and looking back at all those pictures makes me feel melancholy. I reminisced back the mornings that I have to send Téa and Anais to school, the moment where the girls were my hairdresser and they tried a few hairstyle for my hair. 
that was the last day I was with them, we took the train to the city of Bordeaux. I'll cherished the time where my aunt served me comfort food, with all the nasi goreng, fish curry, sweet and sour fish.. forever grateful! 

Emily told me that travelling makes us adhere to change easily and that just gives me a new perception of travelling. I think its true and it doesn't just opening your eyes to the world and make u discover something new, the culture or the food. To change is forever the hardest thing to do and I think it is essential to travel. It gives a lot of benefits that one can acknowledge and to find out all these right now is just amazing.

Its really important to not be too comfortable at your state right now because the earth is round and anything can happened in a blink of an eye. It can be anything that leave u no choice to change. I guess i could understand why kids are so happy and carefree, they are constantly moving, constantly talking
*referencing Téa and Anais ahahah*
all those moving and talking is somewhat represents that they keep moving on, responding to the surrounding and aware of it. Therefore, all of us should do the same. We have to keep doing other things, new things, new hobbies.. and aware of where we are and how to react to the surrounding.