Friday, May 9, 2014

ICE 2014

International Cultural Evening, where all the international societies gather for the huge event and expose their culture through performances and fashion show. I am so glad to be a part of it where I represent the Malaysian and Singapore Society (MASSOC).

We performed dikir barat, choreograph by Ariff Olan, a really proud KY people. hihi. I just know that KY was known as Kolej Yayasan Saad, no wonder he was so proud to be coming from there. It was quite a prestigious college and I could understand the integrity he holds as a graduate from KY. Never expect this post to include KY matter LOL but he is a good guy and really glad to work with him! We also did indian dance after the dikir barat. I would say the experience was phenomenal? hihi. 
erika doing indian dance?
I swear I am never this patriotic until now
I really enjoyed learning all these cultural thing because I didn't get the exposure when I was doing my diploma. I have to say MASSOC did exposed me to many new things in my life and if u are a Malaysian who is going to be in the University of Sheffield, I highly recommend u to be a member of MASSOC. 

Its a whee bit irony to learn all this stuff when I was away from Malaysia. I can tell that I have not being exposed to dikir barat even when I was in high school. I was in the academic school, Puteri Seremban for only a year and half and then St. Teresa for another 2 years and ended my high school in Main Convent Ipoh. Hence, I could say they touch less on cultural activities and focus more on our academics and sports.

Nonetheless, I am grateful that I am being exposed to it now and even better in Sheffield! I did have a thought that I might make a mistake to study here in Sheffield but I have to say now, that I am really glad that I've chose Sheffield. This place is full of friendly people, the streets are safe, the local communities are active, the local caf├ęs are awesome, its clean and green and I just want to say
they even have hashtag for their own area. how cool is that! The community here has a bond and its really good when the people here are so nice and so welcoming. I can't imagine living somewhere else in UK because this place is good enough for me even after a few months here.

During ICE, I also entered the fashion show where I wore my yellow baju kurung, a traditional malay costume. Did that for a favour from Neekita who asked me to walk for a malay costume. To be honest, I cannot see any faces when I was on stage and it happened so fast I don't think I have a memory of it. Overall, ICE was awesome. Really glad the university's international committee organised such event.