Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Holiday - Paris to Bordeaux

4 months and now I'm back writing my journey in the city of love, Paris and Bordeaux; a place that is completely off the beaten track. I am so lucky to have my Aunt staying there and the experience that i have gained during my 14 days stay in France is absolutely priceless.

The day I've arrived in the airport, I've already in need to interact with the locals. Two middle aged lady and to my surprise, they are quite friendly. Probably I got lucky and obviously I always make my move to people that look 'nice' and favourable. Hihi... The RER machine only accepts coins that time and it was 11pm, all the shops was closed. Hence this leads to communicating with the ladies for a change of £10. However, in the train I just realized my UK number can't be used internationally and my CELCOM simcard is in the drawer in my room. Again, I brave myself to speak to this good looking guy (he seems presentable and cute and 'favourable'. again. ahahah)
thank god he speaks and understand english
I asked if i can send an email to my aunt (since email is free) and he said I can use his phone to call her since it is the fastest way. I was so glad he gave me the favour and god bless u! 
my complication didn't stop there
i missed my stop
due to a really embarrassing moment
when the operator announced the name of my station I stood up and stand in front of the door. Expecting the door to kindly open for me. Alas, I guess I am not a princess. I actually need to press a button and yes. I missed the stop. And the lady who sit just RIGHT next to the door, apologized since she didnt know that I want to get off the train (she should have know right? hmph). I got startled and accidentally uttered the F word (it was the reflex, sorry). There i stood, a rude foreigner despite the people there are known for their rudeness but now it was me, and not them.

So i got off the next station, and again the next attempt to interact went on smoothly. A young lady, she looks like a student, responded me well in English. She said she saw me missed my stop and she told me she experienced the same when the she first took the RER. She told me my station is not far and gave me the direction to walk back to my station. It was 11+pm on Sunday night, there was no soul at the street and I have to say, its a semi suicide mission.
I will always have a 'suicide mission' in every place that I am visiting
I arrived my station safely and once I saw my Aunt worried face, I straightaway hugged her and my worrisome was diminished.

I thought i can kill my stereotype on the french people but after a few days there, I can sum up that it is true that they can be very rude and blunt. I find the people like to bump into u or in other word, walk pass u without hitting your shoulder. Ahahahah. I learnt that certain arrondissement can be dangerous and luckily my Aunt lives in the 5th arrondissement, known to be the intellectual area since it is the place where the prestigious high school and universities are located. I love this area since u can see students brimming at this area. 

Top 4 things that I would recommend u to do in ur Paris visit will be:
1. Visit the Palace of Versailles
2. Buy the meringue at Aux Merveilleux (
3. Go on the river cruise
4. Discover Ile St Louis on foot and get the Berthillon ice cream!

I am quite lucky to be able to spend my holidays with my cousins and usually during the holidays they will go to their 'getaway' château and do horse riding, cycling, climbing etc. We lived near the city of Bourg and the place is quite interesting. I learnt that, the size of the pigeon house signifies the status of the person living in the château. Also, this is the place where I had all sort of french cheese, and i even tasted the fromage, since Grandpère was there. 

The french took their meals seriously and the meal should consist of the entrée, main, cheese dessert and dessert. Thus explained my gain of 4kg after I left Bordeaux. ahahahah! I get to spend easter lunch with their lovely neighbour, Ann and it was such a wonderful moment. She served us the famous foie gras for entrée and i love it! The people there tried to engage as much french culture whenever I am around. Just so that I can get sufficient french culture dissolved in me during my stay there. I have to say, I did learnt a lot and I am so thankful to have all these people around me during my stay. I am absolutely blessed!

Overall, I am so grateful to experience all this in just 2 weeks and it has been wonderful. I am really lucky and highest appreciation goes to my Aunt who let me stay for 2 weeks. I planned to stay just one week and she asked me to stay longer.