Monday, September 15, 2014

Singapore the City of Colours

latest adventure was in Singapore where I get to watch Annie Leibovitz exhibition in Artscience Museum. All the pieces is just stunning and I felt i was there for hours, specifically almost 2 hours. For me, thats the highlight for my trip.

I discovered the city by walking, looking very touristy but not so to the taxi driver. When he sent me to Kathy's house, he asked
"Are u going for a tuition here"
The taxi driver thought I'm going for a home tuition at Kathy's place. Thats just hilarious. I'm with my hiking bag and tourist-look-hat, I guess my figure always look young and not my age.
im a uni student uncle..

On the first day, I get to try the singapore laksa and spring rolls (popiah basah). All i can say is, it had a unique taste and kind of tasteless. hihihi. the white noodles is alright, i love any noodles, just that the curry taste is.... no further comment. AHAHA but! i love the popiah basah! there is a balance of taste in my lunch, so I'm good. We, Malaysians, like to compare our food because there are so many similarities in the name of the dish/food, that is why we can't help to compare and Malaysian food is always better. This i can tell..

moving on to the good side, i think the country awareness of not having enough trees and little space is so high, that they have trees between shops in the city, the 'floating forrest' like the one on Park Royal Hotel building. I was amazed by it because it really looks like a floating garden/forrest in the city. 
love it!
Also, its really impressive how they attained the old buildings and there are many of them. Reminds me of Penang but better food. hihihihihi.. Some have colourful windows, the underpass is super clean unlike the one in Paris (can't help not to mention ahaha) and some have murals on the walls, beautiful murals... Quite an artsy fartsy city. Some of the old buildings are also painted in colours. Hence I decided to conclude it is a city of colours.

 some of the murals in one of the underpass along Singapore River

colourful buildings in the city

While walking to Marina Bay, I met this Australian couple who I asked to take a picture of me with the Marina Bay background. The lady told me that the whole area was the sea previously, when she lived in singapore years ago.
Firstly, the area is HUGE and the building is quite gigantic! HOW ON EARTH THIS IS POSSIBLE.
mind blowing
Marina Bay looks amazing and i did go wow when i look at the building, its just 200metres height but it does look amazing from below. 

Although the city is small but there will be one particular thing that will make u awed if u visit Singapore. I managed to discover a really cool cafe called Kith, they have amazing toastie and pancakes with mascarpone and raspberry. DELICIOUS! 
Also, i did go for the night safari and it was worth it. The animals is so close to u and the experience is phenomenal.

I would like to thank my aunt for informing Kathy that i'll be coming over and Kathy, for letting me stay at her place. I get to taste raw figs for the first time!
FIGS on its own
Really grateful that in this trip i get to taste something new.

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