Friday, July 25, 2014

Working People

Is everyone unhappy with their work right now?
Is this somewhat a process that all of us will go through?
Is it possible to find someone who is happy with their life right now?

Happiness is a choice. As cliche as it sound however in order to survive and to do something for a living, we prioritise our choices differently. Money is a good motivation for everything, therefore some people drag themselves to work even when they are not enjoying whatever they are doing. 

For me, theres always a way to make your day a good day. Even u had shitty work but after that, u have a choice to make ur day great. Distracting urself from thinking about work issues is the way to live a happier lifestyle. U have to remember that, all work is tiring and shitty and bullshit. No matter if u change whatever u r doing, u will face this; where u will always be unhappy with whatever u r doing. 
its the same as the things that u have
I also believe that it is a process before u get to the ultimate position of ur career. Easy life doesn't come easily. Always remember that all the pain, all the sleepless night, all the shouting, will definitely be worth it one day.
one fine day
just be strong and keep believing that this will all be over
one fine day
one fine day

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