Friday, July 25, 2014

Working People

Is everyone unhappy with their work right now?
Is this somewhat a process that all of us will go through?
Is it possible to find someone who is happy with their life right now?

Happiness is a choice. As cliche as it sound however in order to survive and to do something for a living, we prioritise our choices differently. Money is a good motivation for everything, therefore some people drag themselves to work even when they are not enjoying whatever they are doing. 

For me, theres always a way to make your day a good day. Even u had shitty work but after that, u have a choice to make ur day great. Distracting urself from thinking about work issues is the way to live a happier lifestyle. U have to remember that, all work is tiring and shitty and bullshit. No matter if u change whatever u r doing, u will face this; where u will always be unhappy with whatever u r doing. 
its the same as the things that u have
I also believe that it is a process before u get to the ultimate position of ur career. Easy life doesn't come easily. Always remember that all the pain, all the sleepless night, all the shouting, will definitely be worth it one day.
one fine day
just be strong and keep believing that this will all be over
one fine day
one fine day

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

World Cup 2014

Auf geht's Deutschland schießt ein Tor! 
schießt ein Tor!
schießt ein Tor!
oh ohhhhhh!

The song that we sang when we watch the world cup 2014 final and it was amazing! If u haven't watch the game, u should really watch it because i can tell the game is a world cup rated game. Such an intense-nailbiting game that will make u scratch whatever that is next to u. 
oh well, i got scratched by the person next to me :P hahaha

My german friend and I went to Publika that night but was disappointed when the place to watch the football is a close event. This is absolutely ridiculous because Timeout KL mentioned that Publika is the top place to watch the world cup, hence it should be an open and public event. Anyhow, we went to Souled Out Sri Hartamas instead to watch the game and it was FAR better than the one in Publika because the one in Publika, the registration people was wearing argentina's jersey.
Not the kind of entrance that we are looking for.. hihi

Anyhow, I am so lucky to come with my German friend and we sit at an area that was dominated by all the germans. It was really good since all the energy are there and i had the best time of my life. It was my first time to watch the world cup with a friend and it was a really good experience. I knew the german is going to win, no doubt.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


"You are going to face failure
You are going to study in a different structure and different ways
You are going to, need to understand that getting an A here in Malaysia doesn't mean u will get A there in UK" my German friend.

That is one of the early conversation that i had with my German friend when I met her for lunch, after a year since i left to Sheffield. It did hit me hard because all that she said is true.

"even if u failed, never, ever, think that u are incapable of doing things"
and that is my favourite quote from her