Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Im Back!

Im finally home after 8 months. I still remember the moment where i put my old clothes on, i look myself in the mirror, smiled and said
I'm home
Thank you Jiejie Amy, Allie and Adriene for making this awesome banner for me! i really love it! I'm going to bring it back to UK, i don't care how, but yeah!

I didn't cry so much when i hugged my family at the airport. I was quite surprised because usually i won't be able to control my tears and it will just flow like the river streams ahahaha
*exaggerate much*

My parents has been spooning me with all the delicacies that i've been craving. I can now tick
cantonese kuey teow
fish curry
bihun soup
spaghetti bolognese
red fish porridge

The weather was alright when i first arrived however now, the heat is MADNESS! top that with the haze. my goodness. Hence, wear face mask if u are outdoor and don't go out too often!
*not going to happen*
I can't stay too long at home, i feel the need to go out. hihi

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