Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Im Back!

Im finally home after 8 months. I still remember the moment where i put my old clothes on, i look myself in the mirror, smiled and said
I'm home
Thank you Jiejie Amy, Allie and Adriene for making this awesome banner for me! i really love it! I'm going to bring it back to UK, i don't care how, but yeah!

I didn't cry so much when i hugged my family at the airport. I was quite surprised because usually i won't be able to control my tears and it will just flow like the river streams ahahaha
*exaggerate much*

My parents has been spooning me with all the delicacies that i've been craving. I can now tick
cantonese kuey teow
fish curry
bihun soup
spaghetti bolognese
red fish porridge

The weather was alright when i first arrived however now, the heat is MADNESS! top that with the haze. my goodness. Hence, wear face mask if u are outdoor and don't go out too often!
*not going to happen*
I can't stay too long at home, i feel the need to go out. hihi

Thursday, June 12, 2014

UK Roadtrip

Last saturday was my last day i had my final exam paper and I went straight after the exam to London, taking the almost-4-hours bus journey, to join my friend's roadtrip. Shahira is Allie's friend when she was in Nilai Uni College. I met her during her engagement day where she asked us, my sisters and I, to be her 'dulang girls' on that day. It was an absolute honour to be her 'dulang girls' and we were quite excited because we never get to be a dulang girl and being a part of the traditional malay engagement ceremony is just fantastic.

my sisters and I are not exposed to malay weddings that much because usually our parents are the one who attend all those kenduri and malay weddings. I can say I am not quite sure the agenda for a complete malay wedding. I am still lost of what comes first and the meaning of nikah, kahwin. are those two has the same meaning. 
i always forgot this bit!

Anyways, so we did Stonehedge, Bath, Plymouth and Portsmouth. Stonehedge is kind of disappointing to me because the ticket to see the stone closely is not reasonable and just ridiculous. In my opinion, its nothing that significant till it cost £14.
why can't be like Paris where all students get in free to all the historical sites??
fourteen pound is expensive to see a freaking stone that has one story behind it ONLY, not like if u enter a castle, u'll get to know many many stories.

Bath is beautiful as expected, i still remember Ms Saf's MIL asked me to visit Bath since it is a beautiful place. The house's structure is completely different where it is more posh and castle-looking. Then we went to see the Smeaton Tower, not that fascinating, unless u r a civil engineer or architecture where u would appreciate the design of the lighthouse hihihi. After that we went to the Southwest Beach near Plymouth. Its the Best Seaside 2014,  the weather was incredible on that day. I run by the beach with Shahira and sun tanning at the back of my body since i don't want to burn my face. hihi
lovely beach
We also went to the factory outlet mall in Portsmouth, Gunwharf Quays. We were quite disappointed with the place because they don't have many stuffs. And the Polo Ralph Lauren is not cheap there
according to Shahira
small place
not much selection
londoners should go to Cheshire Oaks, said Hafiz

Overall, the trip is still enjoyable since I spent it with Shahira. I enjoyed our night talkings session. She introduced me to Ben's Cookies which is so delicious.
i think I'm craving for their cranberry cookies now

Thank u Shahira for inviting me to tag along and hope to do more trips with u! because u r fun to be with and u r like a sister to me! xx

Sunday, June 1, 2014


I definitely need to point this topic out. Yesterday, I had this so-called consultation session with one of the senior that currently doing her PHD. My friends invited me for this session if i have any questions on this module called semiconductors.
i have to say it was so helpful
Kak Faizah is from UniKL and did a master degree in Sheffield University. Currently doing PHD in the semiconductors field. I have high respect on her because I think she would be a really good lecturer based on the session that was held yesterday
inspiring indeed!

I am grateful to have my friends inviting me for this session. Its really good to be united and discuss any problems that we have. I don't see much of these going on with the others therefore I have to say i am feeling blessed and thankful. Thank you Fatin, Umi, Hana and Kak Faizah. Not forgetting the guys, Amer and Hanshen hihi.. I really appreciate the session!

Unity can be achieved from playing sports, celebrations of the variety festival that we have. what else. Malaysians are so lucky to be living with many ethnics that has beautiful culture. Other country has many ethnics as well, but not as beautiful and as unique as the ones that we have..
awww ahahaha
however, i would agree with that. Definitely. We have traditional dance, food, fabrics or clothing. Many other things that is quite intrigued and that is why foreigners like Kuala Lumpur. Since most of them when they come to Malaysia, they will only be in the city and less to other side of the country.

For me balance is vital. Mixing around with other people, but not forgotten our own people, to keep us remember of our roots. I once fear that I would focus on 'new people' and not my own kind since they all said
pergi uk kawan dengan orang malaysia je?
First, it bothers me if that statement is true however never astray yourself from your own kind. But then even Malaysians here have 2 kind of societies where one full of the chinese and indians while the other one are the malays. Hereby, i would say we, malaysian, as a whole, failed to unite YET. Perhaps its a groupie kind of thing, i don't know. But this images, will definitely make an impact on the level of unity we have. 

I am definitely not sure how relevant my point of view since i just thought it would be a good share hihi oh well. move on~~

My finals is next Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Me no comprendo why they held any exams on saturday. Its the weekend! Nevertheless, I can't help thinking of going back to KL. It gets annoyed when its the final exams but ur mind is not 100% towards it.
anyways, i can't wait to go back. i can't wait to give out all the stuff that i bought for my family and cousins. and friends. and Maisha. and Johan. and Megat. Mirjam. Azlan. Ms Saf.
i miss home badly
its been only 8 months and it is really unexpected that i will be missing home badly. oh well, u'll never know anything until u try it!