Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Revision Week

Finals is next week and I am really glad my department allocated 2 weeks of revision before the finals because I started to understand more what i've been learning for the whole year. 

its almost half of the year and this reminds me to look back my achievements, just like what I did last year. Thanks to u (u know who u are). I can say i've gained a lot in the beginning of the year. i thought this year wouldn't be a good year for me because i was struggling with my studies, my stress level have taken my body to a different level and affected my menstrual cycle for the first time till i get so scared that something is really wrong with me. However, I think the year went pretty well especially during Easter. hihi..

I really can't wait till my flight to KL. In fact i can't wait for the food during my flight too. ahahaha! I am obsessed with Etihad food. They are all amazing! I still remember, even the snacks at night they gave me a really really good sandwich. I think i would always stick to Etihad if i want to fly back home. They even achieved good recognition this year after launching The Residence.

The Residence will stop those rich people to buy a private jet because they can now have  ultimate flying experience with Etihad, which i think having a private jet cost more since it consumes money for the storage and maintenance. 

sometimes i think i bring luck to business. i kid not. even unknown cafes, i start to advertise them, they will get known and more customer. oh well, perhaps this is just me flattering my skills of publicist. ahahahah

i didn't planned to write about Etihad. it just came out from my mind and no, they are not paying me for this. oh well, i hope they do :D till then, take care of your health. as we all know, u'll be living ur life at the fullest only when at ur greatest (health) condition.

Friday, May 23, 2014

"You keep going!"

Sarah and I went for a jog yesterday and I never felt so good after a run like this before just because she had a good time. We did my normal route which is 5km, from Endcliffe Village right at the end of Endcliffe Park and u-turn towards Ecclesall Road and pass through the Botanical Garden. At the botanical garden, where it started off hilly, once u reached the fountain, it was a flat road. Thats when Sarah was so relieved the hill was over and she sprint right at the end.
the picture is not mine, using it for the time being
At the end, she stopped and put both her hands up, conveying a great success. That is her standing ovation hihihi a group of guys saw her and applaud loudly saying 
she was a bit startled, not noticing anyone is watching
lastly, she bowed :)
I knew straight away she just had a good run

Sometimes, when we have something that bothers us, we do things that managed to clear out our mind. In this case, running is our solution to have clear mind. If u haven't found anything that is able to clear out ur mind, chill...

It is a process of discovery hence be patient and kind to yourself in any type of discovery. Don't give up. Keep going.
the bunch of guys cheered me that and thought i have loss my energy but i never stop when i am running :) however, it was a nice one.

Anyway, if u ever want to feel good about urself. Go for a run! Trust me.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Say It

I have problems with people who keep their opinions, objections, criticism to themselves and probably tell others about it when the issues can be solved when u just tell to 'that' person instead of someone else.
or tweet about it :D

I think expressing thoughts is important and it can be done through many types of channel. However, if all of your thoughts consist of dissatisfaction, disagreement. I really think u should express this to the person who u are disagree with. 
not tweet about it
keep it to urself
tell ur best friend or ur sister or some random person

Let me tell u my opinion on people who tweets all the disagreement that they have in work, in relationships or everywhere. In my opinion, tweeting about it is absolutely going to create a habit where u won't be telling the person off what has been bugging u. This in turns will take over ur life and make u a person who is not capable of making ur own stand. For me, it is really crucial when it comes to developing our own capabilities. 

Some people might not notice, how this little matter will ever effected them. U might not see the big picture now, but after time, it will give an impact to u and ur life. My point is, many times of expressing disagreement, especially in the social media or even to your best friend, will be a habit and it is not a good habit. This will interrupt ur capabilities in things and the best thing to do is either love ur life and stop complaining or express your feelings and thoughts to 'that' person.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Round Table

Yesterday, I had a really intense moment with my group mates where we have to discuss the peer assessment. The peer assessment need to be done in a group and I have decided to do it, on a round table in the Student Union.

This is one of our assignment for Human Resource and Management (MGT) module, at first we were given a case study and we have to analyse it and prepare a proposal on project management. All of us are taking engineering courses and this is really challenging in terms of completing the assignment with the highest effort.

Since the marks for the proposal does not contribute that much, some of us has a certain level of quality for their work. I have my own level and I guess everyone has their own level of effort that they have allocated for this assignment. Motivation is one of the biggest contribution for that since the awareness of not getting much out of it, top that with the level of understanding that we have on the module
we are engineering students
we don't fancy this much
Due to that, I can say this assignment has challenged me in many ways and I am really glad to experience all this because at some point i realised i have learnt many skills in handling people and situations.

During the peer assessment, we discussed the marks that each of us deserve for the assignment, in terms of quality of work, effort, listening ideas, meeting's punctuality etc. Hence, u can imagine how intense it can be because conflict starts from the beginning till the end of the session. I have made the session to be democracy where we vote for the marks and those who are not satisfied with the verdict will be given a chance to have a say in that matter.

It is really important for the group to respect each other when someone is making his/her stand. Besides that, I am really glad even though we have one teammate that doesn't contribute much, we still have mercy on him and not deducting 10% from the proposal marks. We still deduct him marks but not 10%.

The session have made me develop my assertiveness and taught me how to handle intense situations. Although some of my teammates may not agree with the marks that was given to them, by having arguments and stating statements, this leads to the acceptance of the marks or changes to the marks. 

success can be anything, and to get something one do have to take the stairs. Nothing comes easy without effort. Nothing great is ever created without no effort or no sweat. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Thats a musical instrument called Electric Wind Instrument and I met someone who played the EWI. After years of living, I never heard of it until I met Emily. Apparently it was introduced long time ago, in 1970's
oh my god. where have I been living before this... hihi
I guess the instrument is not that commercial but how come it is not when it is such a cool instrument and its not something like a traditional musical instrument, the one that can be categorised as a tribe or a country's instrument.
me no comprendo :D
Its like a flute, so the way of playing it is the same, I think so. I am just surprised that I never come across this instrument and its really cool that I met someone who is playing it. There is a lot more out there, in the world, that we don't know. And it can be a bizarre thing, like this piece of cool musical instrument, that I think, we all should know by now. People has to know it like they know the guitar or the piano.

My aunt just sent me all the pictures when I was in France and looking back at all those pictures makes me feel melancholy. I reminisced back the mornings that I have to send Téa and Anais to school, the moment where the girls were my hairdresser and they tried a few hairstyle for my hair. 
that was the last day I was with them, we took the train to the city of Bordeaux. I'll cherished the time where my aunt served me comfort food, with all the nasi goreng, fish curry, sweet and sour fish.. forever grateful! 

Emily told me that travelling makes us adhere to change easily and that just gives me a new perception of travelling. I think its true and it doesn't just opening your eyes to the world and make u discover something new, the culture or the food. To change is forever the hardest thing to do and I think it is essential to travel. It gives a lot of benefits that one can acknowledge and to find out all these right now is just amazing.

Its really important to not be too comfortable at your state right now because the earth is round and anything can happened in a blink of an eye. It can be anything that leave u no choice to change. I guess i could understand why kids are so happy and carefree, they are constantly moving, constantly talking
*referencing Téa and Anais ahahah*
all those moving and talking is somewhat represents that they keep moving on, responding to the surrounding and aware of it. Therefore, all of us should do the same. We have to keep doing other things, new things, new hobbies.. and aware of where we are and how to react to the surrounding. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

ICE 2014

International Cultural Evening, where all the international societies gather for the huge event and expose their culture through performances and fashion show. I am so glad to be a part of it where I represent the Malaysian and Singapore Society (MASSOC).

We performed dikir barat, choreograph by Ariff Olan, a really proud KY people. hihi. I just know that KY was known as Kolej Yayasan Saad, no wonder he was so proud to be coming from there. It was quite a prestigious college and I could understand the integrity he holds as a graduate from KY. Never expect this post to include KY matter LOL but he is a good guy and really glad to work with him! We also did indian dance after the dikir barat. I would say the experience was phenomenal? hihi. 
erika doing indian dance?
I swear I am never this patriotic until now
I really enjoyed learning all these cultural thing because I didn't get the exposure when I was doing my diploma. I have to say MASSOC did exposed me to many new things in my life and if u are a Malaysian who is going to be in the University of Sheffield, I highly recommend u to be a member of MASSOC. 

Its a whee bit irony to learn all this stuff when I was away from Malaysia. I can tell that I have not being exposed to dikir barat even when I was in high school. I was in the academic school, Puteri Seremban for only a year and half and then St. Teresa for another 2 years and ended my high school in Main Convent Ipoh. Hence, I could say they touch less on cultural activities and focus more on our academics and sports.

Nonetheless, I am grateful that I am being exposed to it now and even better in Sheffield! I did have a thought that I might make a mistake to study here in Sheffield but I have to say now, that I am really glad that I've chose Sheffield. This place is full of friendly people, the streets are safe, the local communities are active, the local cafés are awesome, its clean and green and I just want to say
they even have hashtag for their own area. how cool is that! The community here has a bond and its really good when the people here are so nice and so welcoming. I can't imagine living somewhere else in UK because this place is good enough for me even after a few months here.

During ICE, I also entered the fashion show where I wore my yellow baju kurung, a traditional malay costume. Did that for a favour from Neekita who asked me to walk for a malay costume. To be honest, I cannot see any faces when I was on stage and it happened so fast I don't think I have a memory of it. Overall, ICE was awesome. Really glad the university's international committee organised such event.