Sunday, November 2, 2014

International Halloween Night

celebrated halloween this year, not with the locals because i did that last year with my housemates, but with Jana and Anna and bunch of french guys, and a bunch of girls from Netherlands and Germany. A girl from Hong Kong, also one from Turkey. who else did i missed.. AHA

what i can conclude for the whole night scene in one word is
all they want to do is drink, get drunk, get high and dance. ahaha! Apparently Jana and Anna do celebrate halloween in Germany, like they do legit face paint and stuff.  I thought its only an American British thing.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Diwali in Sheffield

Deepavali/Diwali - Festival of Lights
i experienced the most interesting ceremony last week which is the poja, in one of the temple here. We were so lucky we got there early because the place was so small and not all can fit in the temple. After that, we went to the Sikh Gurdwara and the building is beautiful. It has shape like the mosque, and we have to cover our head when entering the gurdwara.

A new friend of mine invited me to join the festival, recommended by her mentor, since she's from Germany. I have to say I was reluctant to go to this festival however when i saw the tentative for the event that they will be going to a Hindu temple and a Sikh temple, then i thought 
because i never been into a temple or a gurdwara before
I have to say, it was an experience. Jana, Lena and I had a great time, we got the exposure of the event. Thats it.

There are conservative community over here that doesn't see the point of celebrating or exposing themselves to these kind of events. For me, it is up to them whether they want to celebrate or to see the event BUT
if they started saying that i shouldn't go to the festival
then we might have a little problem

First of all, some of u might have thought that i do the poja or renjis-renjis to the statues in the temple. For your information, I didnt do all that, all we do is witnessing the whole ceremony. We were totally like the audiences.
*at one point Jana and I were staring at each other thinking when is it going to be overrrrr*

Secondly, as for me, i like to see new things. i like to feel new things. i like to taste new things. anything that is new, I'm up to it. Because i believe that, when we see something new or when something new comes to our life, it can help us see things in a different perspective.
i guess an empathetic person holds to this principle in their life
because we like to put ourselves in someone else's position and evaluate the situation

I really think, people that connecting ONLY with their own kind of people wouldn't be a developing community. because they ONLY live in their own balloon. U need "ideas" from outside when u analyse or comparing something, because if u analyse among yourself, and not from anybody else, then ur limit of letting ur perspective to grow will be small. Obviously, this wouldn't bring u near to being a global citizen or even a developing community. Unless your community doesn't want to grow and progress then this discussion ends here.

anyways, i see this as an opportunity. I heard a saying "successful people knows when there is an opportunity". Lets see it this way, for those who didn't get to study abroad, of course they are less likely to interact or to have activities with people from other country. However, looking at yourself to be in UK, and having this opportunity that u get, its overwhelming. And for u, to miss so much that u would have gain, is a big loss.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Amsterdam Alone *but not quite alone*

I have been procrastinating to write a post on my Amsterdam trip so here it is! I went there just before my new semester starts. Purpose was in case, i'll be busy during the christmas holiday, at least i have done some travelling in my 1st semester.

one word for Amsterdam
from now on i will always sum up my trip in one word. and i keep telling my friends that Amsterdam has a really big windows and they are all transparent. I am seriously intrigued by it because it is such a distinct sight and its amazing. u can be awed whenever u look at the window
the paintings in the house
the house deco
some naked people ahahah
interior of an office

I went there alone and stayed in a hostel(girls only) for the first time. i was anxious because i thought it will be somewhat dodgy, instead it was not bad at all. I made a friend straightaway and we discovered the city together
I did tried the "special cake" since I had it with Chiayu. We shared one cake, the effect took so long to kick in, we thought the cake doesn't work on us. However, 3/4 hours after that, i was stoned while Chiayu sleep it off. It was one hell of an experience but hey, its Amsterdam. To be honest, i wouldn't take the cake if I'm alone and since I have someone with me, so why not? hihihi

anyway, i chose Amsterdam solely for Van Gogh Museum and it was really amazing. I also went to Howard Greenberg photo exhibition in the Jewish Historical Museum. Anne Frank house is not that fascinating. The walk at the red light district is a lil bit scary if one of the lady try to persuade u some 'services'. Also, during a walk at a street market, I saw 2 lads staring at one of the big windows, so i look. I see a naked lady doing her bed.

Third Year Student

I am so glad i managed the second year, honestly, because i know a few who didn't make it to the third year. Hence, I am really really grateful.

As usual, engineering students always have a packed schedule. I just got my complete schedule and I've allocated my study time, hopefully i will be obedient this year and perform better.
I have an individual project this year, something about the opto characteristic of GaAsBi. My supervisor has introduced me to 2 phd students, i hope i can do well because I need to pass this in order to go to the 4th year!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Singapore the City of Colours

latest adventure was in Singapore where I get to watch Annie Leibovitz exhibition in Artscience Museum. All the pieces is just stunning and I felt i was there for hours, specifically almost 2 hours. For me, thats the highlight for my trip.

I discovered the city by walking, looking very touristy but not so to the taxi driver. When he sent me to Kathy's house, he asked
"Are u going for a tuition here"
The taxi driver thought I'm going for a home tuition at Kathy's place. Thats just hilarious. I'm with my hiking bag and tourist-look-hat, I guess my figure always look young and not my age.
im a uni student uncle..

On the first day, I get to try the singapore laksa and spring rolls (popiah basah). All i can say is, it had a unique taste and kind of tasteless. hihihi. the white noodles is alright, i love any noodles, just that the curry taste is.... no further comment. AHAHA but! i love the popiah basah! there is a balance of taste in my lunch, so I'm good. We, Malaysians, like to compare our food because there are so many similarities in the name of the dish/food, that is why we can't help to compare and Malaysian food is always better. This i can tell..

moving on to the good side, i think the country awareness of not having enough trees and little space is so high, that they have trees between shops in the city, the 'floating forrest' like the one on Park Royal Hotel building. I was amazed by it because it really looks like a floating garden/forrest in the city. 
love it!
Also, its really impressive how they attained the old buildings and there are many of them. Reminds me of Penang but better food. hihihihihi.. Some have colourful windows, the underpass is super clean unlike the one in Paris (can't help not to mention ahaha) and some have murals on the walls, beautiful murals... Quite an artsy fartsy city. Some of the old buildings are also painted in colours. Hence I decided to conclude it is a city of colours.

 some of the murals in one of the underpass along Singapore River

colourful buildings in the city

While walking to Marina Bay, I met this Australian couple who I asked to take a picture of me with the Marina Bay background. The lady told me that the whole area was the sea previously, when she lived in singapore years ago.
Firstly, the area is HUGE and the building is quite gigantic! HOW ON EARTH THIS IS POSSIBLE.
mind blowing
Marina Bay looks amazing and i did go wow when i look at the building, its just 200metres height but it does look amazing from below. 

Although the city is small but there will be one particular thing that will make u awed if u visit Singapore. I managed to discover a really cool cafe called Kith, they have amazing toastie and pancakes with mascarpone and raspberry. DELICIOUS! 
Also, i did go for the night safari and it was worth it. The animals is so close to u and the experience is phenomenal.

I would like to thank my aunt for informing Kathy that i'll be coming over and Kathy, for letting me stay at her place. I get to taste raw figs for the first time!
FIGS on its own
Really grateful that in this trip i get to taste something new.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Working People

Is everyone unhappy with their work right now?
Is this somewhat a process that all of us will go through?
Is it possible to find someone who is happy with their life right now?

Happiness is a choice. As cliche as it sound however in order to survive and to do something for a living, we prioritise our choices differently. Money is a good motivation for everything, therefore some people drag themselves to work even when they are not enjoying whatever they are doing. 

For me, theres always a way to make your day a good day. Even u had shitty work but after that, u have a choice to make ur day great. Distracting urself from thinking about work issues is the way to live a happier lifestyle. U have to remember that, all work is tiring and shitty and bullshit. No matter if u change whatever u r doing, u will face this; where u will always be unhappy with whatever u r doing. 
its the same as the things that u have
I also believe that it is a process before u get to the ultimate position of ur career. Easy life doesn't come easily. Always remember that all the pain, all the sleepless night, all the shouting, will definitely be worth it one day.
one fine day
just be strong and keep believing that this will all be over
one fine day
one fine day

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

World Cup 2014

Auf geht's Deutschland schießt ein Tor! 
schießt ein Tor!
schießt ein Tor!
oh ohhhhhh!

The song that we sang when we watch the world cup 2014 final and it was amazing! If u haven't watch the game, u should really watch it because i can tell the game is a world cup rated game. Such an intense-nailbiting game that will make u scratch whatever that is next to u. 
oh well, i got scratched by the person next to me :P hahaha

My german friend and I went to Publika that night but was disappointed when the place to watch the football is a close event. This is absolutely ridiculous because Timeout KL mentioned that Publika is the top place to watch the world cup, hence it should be an open and public event. Anyhow, we went to Souled Out Sri Hartamas instead to watch the game and it was FAR better than the one in Publika because the one in Publika, the registration people was wearing argentina's jersey.
Not the kind of entrance that we are looking for.. hihi

Anyhow, I am so lucky to come with my German friend and we sit at an area that was dominated by all the germans. It was really good since all the energy are there and i had the best time of my life. It was my first time to watch the world cup with a friend and it was a really good experience. I knew the german is going to win, no doubt.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


"You are going to face failure
You are going to study in a different structure and different ways
You are going to, need to understand that getting an A here in Malaysia doesn't mean u will get A there in UK" my German friend.

That is one of the early conversation that i had with my German friend when I met her for lunch, after a year since i left to Sheffield. It did hit me hard because all that she said is true.

"even if u failed, never, ever, think that u are incapable of doing things"
and that is my favourite quote from her

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Im Back!

Im finally home after 8 months. I still remember the moment where i put my old clothes on, i look myself in the mirror, smiled and said
I'm home
Thank you Jiejie Amy, Allie and Adriene for making this awesome banner for me! i really love it! I'm going to bring it back to UK, i don't care how, but yeah!

I didn't cry so much when i hugged my family at the airport. I was quite surprised because usually i won't be able to control my tears and it will just flow like the river streams ahahaha
*exaggerate much*

My parents has been spooning me with all the delicacies that i've been craving. I can now tick
cantonese kuey teow
fish curry
bihun soup
spaghetti bolognese
red fish porridge

The weather was alright when i first arrived however now, the heat is MADNESS! top that with the haze. my goodness. Hence, wear face mask if u are outdoor and don't go out too often!
*not going to happen*
I can't stay too long at home, i feel the need to go out. hihi

Thursday, June 12, 2014

UK Roadtrip

Last saturday was my last day i had my final exam paper and I went straight after the exam to London, taking the almost-4-hours bus journey, to join my friend's roadtrip. Shahira is Allie's friend when she was in Nilai Uni College. I met her during her engagement day where she asked us, my sisters and I, to be her 'dulang girls' on that day. It was an absolute honour to be her 'dulang girls' and we were quite excited because we never get to be a dulang girl and being a part of the traditional malay engagement ceremony is just fantastic.

my sisters and I are not exposed to malay weddings that much because usually our parents are the one who attend all those kenduri and malay weddings. I can say I am not quite sure the agenda for a complete malay wedding. I am still lost of what comes first and the meaning of nikah, kahwin. are those two has the same meaning. 
i always forgot this bit!

Anyways, so we did Stonehedge, Bath, Plymouth and Portsmouth. Stonehedge is kind of disappointing to me because the ticket to see the stone closely is not reasonable and just ridiculous. In my opinion, its nothing that significant till it cost £14.
why can't be like Paris where all students get in free to all the historical sites??
fourteen pound is expensive to see a freaking stone that has one story behind it ONLY, not like if u enter a castle, u'll get to know many many stories.

Bath is beautiful as expected, i still remember Ms Saf's MIL asked me to visit Bath since it is a beautiful place. The house's structure is completely different where it is more posh and castle-looking. Then we went to see the Smeaton Tower, not that fascinating, unless u r a civil engineer or architecture where u would appreciate the design of the lighthouse hihihi. After that we went to the Southwest Beach near Plymouth. Its the Best Seaside 2014,  the weather was incredible on that day. I run by the beach with Shahira and sun tanning at the back of my body since i don't want to burn my face. hihi
lovely beach
We also went to the factory outlet mall in Portsmouth, Gunwharf Quays. We were quite disappointed with the place because they don't have many stuffs. And the Polo Ralph Lauren is not cheap there
according to Shahira
small place
not much selection
londoners should go to Cheshire Oaks, said Hafiz

Overall, the trip is still enjoyable since I spent it with Shahira. I enjoyed our night talkings session. She introduced me to Ben's Cookies which is so delicious.
i think I'm craving for their cranberry cookies now

Thank u Shahira for inviting me to tag along and hope to do more trips with u! because u r fun to be with and u r like a sister to me! xx

Sunday, June 1, 2014


I definitely need to point this topic out. Yesterday, I had this so-called consultation session with one of the senior that currently doing her PHD. My friends invited me for this session if i have any questions on this module called semiconductors.
i have to say it was so helpful
Kak Faizah is from UniKL and did a master degree in Sheffield University. Currently doing PHD in the semiconductors field. I have high respect on her because I think she would be a really good lecturer based on the session that was held yesterday
inspiring indeed!

I am grateful to have my friends inviting me for this session. Its really good to be united and discuss any problems that we have. I don't see much of these going on with the others therefore I have to say i am feeling blessed and thankful. Thank you Fatin, Umi, Hana and Kak Faizah. Not forgetting the guys, Amer and Hanshen hihi.. I really appreciate the session!

Unity can be achieved from playing sports, celebrations of the variety festival that we have. what else. Malaysians are so lucky to be living with many ethnics that has beautiful culture. Other country has many ethnics as well, but not as beautiful and as unique as the ones that we have..
awww ahahaha
however, i would agree with that. Definitely. We have traditional dance, food, fabrics or clothing. Many other things that is quite intrigued and that is why foreigners like Kuala Lumpur. Since most of them when they come to Malaysia, they will only be in the city and less to other side of the country.

For me balance is vital. Mixing around with other people, but not forgotten our own people, to keep us remember of our roots. I once fear that I would focus on 'new people' and not my own kind since they all said
pergi uk kawan dengan orang malaysia je?
First, it bothers me if that statement is true however never astray yourself from your own kind. But then even Malaysians here have 2 kind of societies where one full of the chinese and indians while the other one are the malays. Hereby, i would say we, malaysian, as a whole, failed to unite YET. Perhaps its a groupie kind of thing, i don't know. But this images, will definitely make an impact on the level of unity we have. 

I am definitely not sure how relevant my point of view since i just thought it would be a good share hihi oh well. move on~~

My finals is next Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Me no comprendo why they held any exams on saturday. Its the weekend! Nevertheless, I can't help thinking of going back to KL. It gets annoyed when its the final exams but ur mind is not 100% towards it.
anyways, i can't wait to go back. i can't wait to give out all the stuff that i bought for my family and cousins. and friends. and Maisha. and Johan. and Megat. Mirjam. Azlan. Ms Saf.
i miss home badly
its been only 8 months and it is really unexpected that i will be missing home badly. oh well, u'll never know anything until u try it! 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Revision Week

Finals is next week and I am really glad my department allocated 2 weeks of revision before the finals because I started to understand more what i've been learning for the whole year. 

its almost half of the year and this reminds me to look back my achievements, just like what I did last year. Thanks to u (u know who u are). I can say i've gained a lot in the beginning of the year. i thought this year wouldn't be a good year for me because i was struggling with my studies, my stress level have taken my body to a different level and affected my menstrual cycle for the first time till i get so scared that something is really wrong with me. However, I think the year went pretty well especially during Easter. hihi..

I really can't wait till my flight to KL. In fact i can't wait for the food during my flight too. ahahaha! I am obsessed with Etihad food. They are all amazing! I still remember, even the snacks at night they gave me a really really good sandwich. I think i would always stick to Etihad if i want to fly back home. They even achieved good recognition this year after launching The Residence.

The Residence will stop those rich people to buy a private jet because they can now have  ultimate flying experience with Etihad, which i think having a private jet cost more since it consumes money for the storage and maintenance. 

sometimes i think i bring luck to business. i kid not. even unknown cafes, i start to advertise them, they will get known and more customer. oh well, perhaps this is just me flattering my skills of publicist. ahahahah

i didn't planned to write about Etihad. it just came out from my mind and no, they are not paying me for this. oh well, i hope they do :D till then, take care of your health. as we all know, u'll be living ur life at the fullest only when at ur greatest (health) condition.

Friday, May 23, 2014

"You keep going!"

Sarah and I went for a jog yesterday and I never felt so good after a run like this before just because she had a good time. We did my normal route which is 5km, from Endcliffe Village right at the end of Endcliffe Park and u-turn towards Ecclesall Road and pass through the Botanical Garden. At the botanical garden, where it started off hilly, once u reached the fountain, it was a flat road. Thats when Sarah was so relieved the hill was over and she sprint right at the end.
the picture is not mine, using it for the time being
At the end, she stopped and put both her hands up, conveying a great success. That is her standing ovation hihihi a group of guys saw her and applaud loudly saying 
she was a bit startled, not noticing anyone is watching
lastly, she bowed :)
I knew straight away she just had a good run

Sometimes, when we have something that bothers us, we do things that managed to clear out our mind. In this case, running is our solution to have clear mind. If u haven't found anything that is able to clear out ur mind, chill...

It is a process of discovery hence be patient and kind to yourself in any type of discovery. Don't give up. Keep going.
the bunch of guys cheered me that and thought i have loss my energy but i never stop when i am running :) however, it was a nice one.

Anyway, if u ever want to feel good about urself. Go for a run! Trust me.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Say It

I have problems with people who keep their opinions, objections, criticism to themselves and probably tell others about it when the issues can be solved when u just tell to 'that' person instead of someone else.
or tweet about it :D

I think expressing thoughts is important and it can be done through many types of channel. However, if all of your thoughts consist of dissatisfaction, disagreement. I really think u should express this to the person who u are disagree with. 
not tweet about it
keep it to urself
tell ur best friend or ur sister or some random person

Let me tell u my opinion on people who tweets all the disagreement that they have in work, in relationships or everywhere. In my opinion, tweeting about it is absolutely going to create a habit where u won't be telling the person off what has been bugging u. This in turns will take over ur life and make u a person who is not capable of making ur own stand. For me, it is really crucial when it comes to developing our own capabilities. 

Some people might not notice, how this little matter will ever effected them. U might not see the big picture now, but after time, it will give an impact to u and ur life. My point is, many times of expressing disagreement, especially in the social media or even to your best friend, will be a habit and it is not a good habit. This will interrupt ur capabilities in things and the best thing to do is either love ur life and stop complaining or express your feelings and thoughts to 'that' person.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Round Table

Yesterday, I had a really intense moment with my group mates where we have to discuss the peer assessment. The peer assessment need to be done in a group and I have decided to do it, on a round table in the Student Union.

This is one of our assignment for Human Resource and Management (MGT) module, at first we were given a case study and we have to analyse it and prepare a proposal on project management. All of us are taking engineering courses and this is really challenging in terms of completing the assignment with the highest effort.

Since the marks for the proposal does not contribute that much, some of us has a certain level of quality for their work. I have my own level and I guess everyone has their own level of effort that they have allocated for this assignment. Motivation is one of the biggest contribution for that since the awareness of not getting much out of it, top that with the level of understanding that we have on the module
we are engineering students
we don't fancy this much
Due to that, I can say this assignment has challenged me in many ways and I am really glad to experience all this because at some point i realised i have learnt many skills in handling people and situations.

During the peer assessment, we discussed the marks that each of us deserve for the assignment, in terms of quality of work, effort, listening ideas, meeting's punctuality etc. Hence, u can imagine how intense it can be because conflict starts from the beginning till the end of the session. I have made the session to be democracy where we vote for the marks and those who are not satisfied with the verdict will be given a chance to have a say in that matter.

It is really important for the group to respect each other when someone is making his/her stand. Besides that, I am really glad even though we have one teammate that doesn't contribute much, we still have mercy on him and not deducting 10% from the proposal marks. We still deduct him marks but not 10%.

The session have made me develop my assertiveness and taught me how to handle intense situations. Although some of my teammates may not agree with the marks that was given to them, by having arguments and stating statements, this leads to the acceptance of the marks or changes to the marks. 

success can be anything, and to get something one do have to take the stairs. Nothing comes easy without effort. Nothing great is ever created without no effort or no sweat. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Thats a musical instrument called Electric Wind Instrument and I met someone who played the EWI. After years of living, I never heard of it until I met Emily. Apparently it was introduced long time ago, in 1970's
oh my god. where have I been living before this... hihi
I guess the instrument is not that commercial but how come it is not when it is such a cool instrument and its not something like a traditional musical instrument, the one that can be categorised as a tribe or a country's instrument.
me no comprendo :D
Its like a flute, so the way of playing it is the same, I think so. I am just surprised that I never come across this instrument and its really cool that I met someone who is playing it. There is a lot more out there, in the world, that we don't know. And it can be a bizarre thing, like this piece of cool musical instrument, that I think, we all should know by now. People has to know it like they know the guitar or the piano.

My aunt just sent me all the pictures when I was in France and looking back at all those pictures makes me feel melancholy. I reminisced back the mornings that I have to send Téa and Anais to school, the moment where the girls were my hairdresser and they tried a few hairstyle for my hair. 
that was the last day I was with them, we took the train to the city of Bordeaux. I'll cherished the time where my aunt served me comfort food, with all the nasi goreng, fish curry, sweet and sour fish.. forever grateful! 

Emily told me that travelling makes us adhere to change easily and that just gives me a new perception of travelling. I think its true and it doesn't just opening your eyes to the world and make u discover something new, the culture or the food. To change is forever the hardest thing to do and I think it is essential to travel. It gives a lot of benefits that one can acknowledge and to find out all these right now is just amazing.

Its really important to not be too comfortable at your state right now because the earth is round and anything can happened in a blink of an eye. It can be anything that leave u no choice to change. I guess i could understand why kids are so happy and carefree, they are constantly moving, constantly talking
*referencing Téa and Anais ahahah*
all those moving and talking is somewhat represents that they keep moving on, responding to the surrounding and aware of it. Therefore, all of us should do the same. We have to keep doing other things, new things, new hobbies.. and aware of where we are and how to react to the surrounding. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

ICE 2014

International Cultural Evening, where all the international societies gather for the huge event and expose their culture through performances and fashion show. I am so glad to be a part of it where I represent the Malaysian and Singapore Society (MASSOC).

We performed dikir barat, choreograph by Ariff Olan, a really proud KY people. hihi. I just know that KY was known as Kolej Yayasan Saad, no wonder he was so proud to be coming from there. It was quite a prestigious college and I could understand the integrity he holds as a graduate from KY. Never expect this post to include KY matter LOL but he is a good guy and really glad to work with him! We also did indian dance after the dikir barat. I would say the experience was phenomenal? hihi. 
erika doing indian dance?
I swear I am never this patriotic until now
I really enjoyed learning all these cultural thing because I didn't get the exposure when I was doing my diploma. I have to say MASSOC did exposed me to many new things in my life and if u are a Malaysian who is going to be in the University of Sheffield, I highly recommend u to be a member of MASSOC. 

Its a whee bit irony to learn all this stuff when I was away from Malaysia. I can tell that I have not being exposed to dikir barat even when I was in high school. I was in the academic school, Puteri Seremban for only a year and half and then St. Teresa for another 2 years and ended my high school in Main Convent Ipoh. Hence, I could say they touch less on cultural activities and focus more on our academics and sports.

Nonetheless, I am grateful that I am being exposed to it now and even better in Sheffield! I did have a thought that I might make a mistake to study here in Sheffield but I have to say now, that I am really glad that I've chose Sheffield. This place is full of friendly people, the streets are safe, the local communities are active, the local cafés are awesome, its clean and green and I just want to say
they even have hashtag for their own area. how cool is that! The community here has a bond and its really good when the people here are so nice and so welcoming. I can't imagine living somewhere else in UK because this place is good enough for me even after a few months here.

During ICE, I also entered the fashion show where I wore my yellow baju kurung, a traditional malay costume. Did that for a favour from Neekita who asked me to walk for a malay costume. To be honest, I cannot see any faces when I was on stage and it happened so fast I don't think I have a memory of it. Overall, ICE was awesome. Really glad the university's international committee organised such event.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Holiday - Paris to Bordeaux

4 months and now I'm back writing my journey in the city of love, Paris and Bordeaux; a place that is completely off the beaten track. I am so lucky to have my Aunt staying there and the experience that i have gained during my 14 days stay in France is absolutely priceless.

The day I've arrived in the airport, I've already in need to interact with the locals. Two middle aged lady and to my surprise, they are quite friendly. Probably I got lucky and obviously I always make my move to people that look 'nice' and favourable. Hihi... The RER machine only accepts coins that time and it was 11pm, all the shops was closed. Hence this leads to communicating with the ladies for a change of £10. However, in the train I just realized my UK number can't be used internationally and my CELCOM simcard is in the drawer in my room. Again, I brave myself to speak to this good looking guy (he seems presentable and cute and 'favourable'. again. ahahah)
thank god he speaks and understand english
I asked if i can send an email to my aunt (since email is free) and he said I can use his phone to call her since it is the fastest way. I was so glad he gave me the favour and god bless u! 
my complication didn't stop there
i missed my stop
due to a really embarrassing moment
when the operator announced the name of my station I stood up and stand in front of the door. Expecting the door to kindly open for me. Alas, I guess I am not a princess. I actually need to press a button and yes. I missed the stop. And the lady who sit just RIGHT next to the door, apologized since she didnt know that I want to get off the train (she should have know right? hmph). I got startled and accidentally uttered the F word (it was the reflex, sorry). There i stood, a rude foreigner despite the people there are known for their rudeness but now it was me, and not them.

So i got off the next station, and again the next attempt to interact went on smoothly. A young lady, she looks like a student, responded me well in English. She said she saw me missed my stop and she told me she experienced the same when the she first took the RER. She told me my station is not far and gave me the direction to walk back to my station. It was 11+pm on Sunday night, there was no soul at the street and I have to say, its a semi suicide mission.
I will always have a 'suicide mission' in every place that I am visiting
I arrived my station safely and once I saw my Aunt worried face, I straightaway hugged her and my worrisome was diminished.

I thought i can kill my stereotype on the french people but after a few days there, I can sum up that it is true that they can be very rude and blunt. I find the people like to bump into u or in other word, walk pass u without hitting your shoulder. Ahahahah. I learnt that certain arrondissement can be dangerous and luckily my Aunt lives in the 5th arrondissement, known to be the intellectual area since it is the place where the prestigious high school and universities are located. I love this area since u can see students brimming at this area. 

Top 4 things that I would recommend u to do in ur Paris visit will be:
1. Visit the Palace of Versailles
2. Buy the meringue at Aux Merveilleux (
3. Go on the river cruise
4. Discover Ile St Louis on foot and get the Berthillon ice cream!

I am quite lucky to be able to spend my holidays with my cousins and usually during the holidays they will go to their 'getaway' château and do horse riding, cycling, climbing etc. We lived near the city of Bourg and the place is quite interesting. I learnt that, the size of the pigeon house signifies the status of the person living in the château. Also, this is the place where I had all sort of french cheese, and i even tasted the fromage, since Grandpère was there. 

The french took their meals seriously and the meal should consist of the entrée, main, cheese dessert and dessert. Thus explained my gain of 4kg after I left Bordeaux. ahahahah! I get to spend easter lunch with their lovely neighbour, Ann and it was such a wonderful moment. She served us the famous foie gras for entrée and i love it! The people there tried to engage as much french culture whenever I am around. Just so that I can get sufficient french culture dissolved in me during my stay there. I have to say, I did learnt a lot and I am so thankful to have all these people around me during my stay. I am absolutely blessed!

Overall, I am so grateful to experience all this in just 2 weeks and it has been wonderful. I am really lucky and highest appreciation goes to my Aunt who let me stay for 2 weeks. I planned to stay just one week and she asked me to stay longer.