Saturday, December 14, 2013

Boring Me

i just realised my previous post has a different style of writing than my usual one and i have come to conclude that
ahahaha sorry for that folks

i probably has gone way too focus on the topic or something. After almost 3 months in Sheffield, i can tell that my life has been busy.
busy busy busy
i have morning class from monday till friday. i have laboratories. projects. goodness me. i never felt that i have to perform so many things before and baam! 
I'm feeling it right now

i guess this is how uni life is. the struggling of looking for information, journals, articles. u can say that i am pretty culture shock of the education system here. most probably due to the fact that, during my time in GMI(my previous college), we were sort of spoon fed with ALL the information that we need to know. Here, it is about finding it ALL by yourself. The lecturer is only exposing us or teaching us whatever that is at tip of the iceberg. and i will always remember this phrase
nothing's easy
nothing's impossible too