Thursday, October 31, 2013


What exactly is being independent?
Why is it important to be independent especially if u r visiting or staying in a new place?

Interesting topic to talk when u are staying alone in some else's country. I was informed by a friend, that being independent is an ability to cope in any type of situation. The situation can be a party with some friends and strangers, or a party with lots of your friends. In my opinion, an independent person can fit in easily in both situations.

For me, if u are capable of doing everything by yourself or alone, that is not independent enough. Independent is not about how are u able to do everything alone. It is more than that. Its more like how u achieve something with any type of situation or circumstances.

Will u still get a good time if ur friend bring strangers for the dinner?
Will u have lunch alone when ur friend bail u out at a last minute?
Would u rather to shop alone but doesnt mind to shop with ur friends?

If u answer all yes, then u can quite call yourself an independent person. Aha! I think the ability to cope with any situation, be it alone or with friends, is called independent.

I enjoy being alone and have my cup of coffee. However, i also enjoy spending time with my friends, have dinner together or do something together. So in that sense, i think i am independent enough. Announcing to my friend that
U can call me a loner
Made her to analyze a situation and said im not quite a loner but im independent. I think the way i blend in easily with stranger makes her to conclude that. To be honest, i never see this point of view before but now i see it. Such a great findings! Great findings are found with stranger. Shes a housemate of my coursemate, and we chat for a while when i was at my course mate's house. If we didnt talked on that day, i dont think i would see this point of view sooner :)