Saturday, October 5, 2013


that is what they called my university here. Uni-of because there are two sheffield university here, the other one is called sheffield hallam. 

what i have done the most here is walking. I never walked so much in my entire life. however,my steps are getting better and my walking is now faster hence its not an issue for me anymore. i dont have problems with the food here. my main food will now be pasta (as expected). and i am getting good in cooking. 
food is never a problem for me
my schedule is insane. i have morning class from monday till friday. i think engineering students are the busiest students among all. we just have so many things to do. *sigh* anyway, i went to the malaysian and singaporean society social event last tuesday. it was great. i met one of my high school friend. i can pretty much say that it reminds me of my convent environment; my high school. where i am surrounded with chinese and indians. 
ahhhh i love the environment
i thought of giving up blogging but it will be a waste to stop blogging! i've always looking forward to publish a post. i think i've lost my motivation. LOL anyway, sheffield has been good so far. i love my room, its like a hotel. my flatmates are awesome. course mates are fine too. 
alles ist gut