Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Half Year Achievements

6 months has passed and I think I did pretty well so far. The biggest achievement in the past 6 months will be my success on getting a scholarship to pursue my studies in UK. I know the people around me is expecting this since im one of the top scorer and I am surely going to score this thing. However, they don’t know how fearful I was during the entire process! i was trying hard not to be overly confident because jinx can happened and I don’t want to be extremely disappointed if I failed. 

Hence it is confirmed now that I will be going to Sheffield University with the support from MARA. I am so anxious to know how I will become when I am there. I have a feeling I will be an introvert maybe because I never stayed so far away from my family. 
 What else?
I found it sad because I can’t think of any other achievements as if I only have one achievement for the past 6 months. Maybe I really am having only one achievement for the past 6 months. Anyway, this is a sign that I should achieve more by the end of the year! Hehehehe

Oh, I’ve passed my ielts test. I managed to live without my parent’s money for about 6 months so far since I am a working lady now.  I have discovered the power of self-reflection. I have met people from all types of background/stories, learnt their life lesson. I found out I love Haruki Murakami’s book, and anything that is literature is good. LOL. Currently I am reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. One of my greatest findings in The Alchemist would be
"When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"