Monday, April 8, 2013

My Promise and Happiness

I love you and you love me. that is what matters.
that is the phrase she told me when i told her i am sorry for being a lousy friend. lately, i have spend less time with her due to *coff cough* some reasons. i did not even make an effort to spend time with her maybe because i was busy with someone else and forgotten there are people who misses me as well. 
sorry Maisha

This post will be about her. Just to tell how sorry i am and how glad i am to have you in my life. I know this girl when i worked in Karen Millen. My first impression towards her is fun lovely girl. 
i never had a bad first impression of people anyway
ok. back to the topic.
i know i have been drifting away from you and all of these are due to some reasons(again hehe). however, i have realized that a true friend sticks with you no matter what you have become. I am quite surprised that you still react the same way as we did before even after what i have done to you or something. i guess we both understand each other. that is what you told me, that i understand you and you understand me. 
thank you

she did not let me go to UK to further my studies because she is afraid i might not come back and forget about her. so i told her, she might do the same to me as well. Hence, last night we made a promise-video that we will not forget each other. This post also going to remind me that she is not to be forgotten or something. hehe.

People do change. Everyone is aware of that however what guarantees you the future that you have predicted. We cannot hold back just because of the prediction because that will be, not believing in yourself and not having faith in yourself. Some people does not want to take a risk, but here i am to say
its ok to take risk sometimes. i bet you have not take a risk for quite a time
even if we are off the track, we can find ways to get back on track. This is all about believe in yourself and have faith. I think i may run out of topic but im just typing what is on my mind right now. ahah!

Someone also has been replying me strangely even though i got a late reply. A reply that contains happiness and joy. You can absolutely know a person's mood by just reading the way they reply your messages. Or in my case, you can know my mood by reading my tweets, tumblr or blog. AHAH because most of the time im being expressive on all my social media networks. teehee.
ok,off topic
so a message that implies happiness. joy. gay. LOL did i just use the gay word. whatever. AHAH. its nice. i mean, its nice to get a happy message. it makes me feel happy too. Here is a good thing about attraction. I think when you are happy, you already have the happiness vibes in you. and when you start to talk to people or make connection to someone, the vibes somehow is being transferred along too instead of just the message that you want them to know.
you get what i meannnnnnn
i get all excited when i get to talk about this. so this post might be a long one. hehe. sorry bout that.
ok. move on!

i just want to tell that happiness is easy to be spread? I think human should share their happiness because that is going to make more happy people on earth and our world will be... happier? just that,some people go through shit and stuff, so its good for us to share some of our happiness with them. 
don't you think so?
so. that is just all for today's post. Try texting your friends happily, and see how would they react after that. :)