Friday, March 1, 2013

The Last Polka Tasting Party + Traxx FM

one word
well,first of all you get to eat the last polka ice cream for free. secondly, u get to meet fun people! so the two girls that has been doing the ice cream are May and Evi ( i have no idea how to spell her name but that will do) they are two pretty girls making delicious ice cream! we have tasted 7 flavours and for me the best would be
kopi c special
this is a must for production
for choosing me to join your party. i had a blast!

i met the girls in maryanne, kerry-ann and isabelle. they are so fun at one point my cheeks are in pain for laughing to hard. honestly, i dont really listen to traxx until today, i listen to it and found out that the songs are not bad
like seriously
i cant wait for kerry's segment tomorrow, saturday at 12pm till 3pm. her segment is called adult contemporary (AC). she'll be playing slow rock, rnb, soul etc etc. i hope i can make a request because i have this one soul song that i am into right now. well it was an old song anyway. its ok, still that is not the point.
im still waiting for belle to send me our pictures on that night
i think i am loving traxx so far. i have listen from hits to fly to mix and to red. i have listened to every radio station. however i think traxx is kinda cool because they have this talk segment that is so informative. it can be helpful for students, like seriously. i kid not. they are more to like giving motivation or maybe give us a lot information that can be useful in life,well in my point of view. the concept is just so different than any other radio station. i am having problem describing it
i think you should try listen to it and yeah. maybe tell me what do you of it?