Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CNY 2013

This year chinese new year celebration is a bit disappointing since we don't do the yee sang and there was no lion dance that came to popo's house
We always have yee sang moment and lion dance every year. why didn't we have it this year? Maybe because all of us were not there. Aunty Vivien's family started staying in Paris last year. But hey, we all been affected by the absence of your family

however, i get to laugh out loud with my cousins. glad i did actually. i owe Megan a coffee date and probably bring her and Ashleigh to Hard Rock KL since our evil plan didn't work out.
"the evil plan was: after eating, we shall sneak into our grand uncle house and took the viva car keys(if
there is any) and drive the viva to HRC Penang. LOL "
we were playing truth or dare on the street opposite the house. there was this one white viva, so we thought we should have an evil plan. HAHAHA

I love the truth or dare session. i literally asked Megan to break up with a tree and she asked me to pose 3 times at her car. in conclusion, as far as i am unhappy for not getting the yee sang or a lion dance. i think family gathering is enough for me. we like to be close to each other. we like the bonding time that we have spent together.
that is why i love my family
for keeping me close to our roots
and making me aware the importance of family

i have celebrated my birthday with bestie last friday, the night before my birthday. she asked me to go to this Delicious at Dua Residency. she was so afraid i might get lost but i told her i have my GPS with me and my ipad. i was driving, following the GPS until i saw KLCC entrance in front of me. im like
so yeah
i got lost
repetitively ask myself where am i
i was at this bloody street named persiaran something. i literally u-turn at the same street for two times. until i decided to stop at one of the hotels by the road side and ask the jockey for directions. 
jockey: two traffic light then turn left
so i followed his advice. once i turned left, i was at this dark alley(so-called-alley just to sound a bit dramatic LOL)and there was this motorcycle passed me and look at me WHICH started to make me worried so i put myself up and try to look as confident as i can.
bloody hell
i thought i was lost again
until i get at the end of the road
i didnt get lost after that ahahah

i am really really grateful to have bestie to celebrate my birthday and make it so special. the place was soooo you = classy. i get to see live performances. the food is great. 
thank you
i love u to the moon and back