Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FYP English Supervisor

That would be Ms Adibah. She is so adorable for emailing me and asked how am i doing right now. i told her i have extra curriculum activity which is my part time job
nag at her how boring my morning job can be and tell her how glad i am to be one of the CBTL team. she told me, her brothers work in the same field as mine (Oil and Gas), and it does get boring sometimes. however, when tenders are coming in, that will be the busiest day ever. i am actually quite relieved when she said i am still young and hardworking hence i should be using this time to make $$$ and meet new people and gain experience
i can conclude that she sound like she doesnt mind with my "extra curriculum" activity. because she mentioned that she is happy for me!
she even offer herself to write me a letter of recommendation if i ever need one
thank you Ms Adibah

She is actually my english supervisor for my FYP. she checked our project report, slides etc. i think i made a right choice for choosing her as my supervisor. i always thought she is someone that gives a lot when she is giving. as in, when she comment on our work, she'll give constructive ideas and even help us to improve on the work. i dont feel irritated or annoyed with her comments and all. she is super nice to lend me her laser pointer for my presentation. 
i have to say this in the worldwideweb
that laser thingy is super cool
u can use the buttons to control the presentation slides

chinese new year is around the corner. this year i have decided to wear green :) EMERALD GREEN! i bought 2 dresses in 
i never believe in online shopping but that website made me believe in it. LOL i just thought the dresses in the website are kind of classy and most are my taste. 
do you know my birthday falls on the chinese new year eve?
i am excited for my birthday. we are going to be in penang during chinese new year. will be celebrating with my awesome cousins! i cant wait to see the Quah's family. we all love gathering. i cant wait to tell Ashleigh that i am one of the CBTL Barista
i should ask her to work there after SPM
back to topic
so my plan is to drag my two elder sisters to Hard Rock Penang on my birthday night. or any night that we are free AHA! i never been there so i thought it will be great to just feel the place and check out the place. i already love HRC KL. so. yeah.