Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Its Time

someone actually managed to persuade me to blog because he enjoys reading it. im at work, so this would be the first time i've ever blog at my workplace
ok 'someone' jangan kembang yer :P
i was zombified and i thought i should use this time to blog 
whats my current updates in life? hmmmm... nothing interesting. AHHA so my blog has been always about giving the readers some clues in life or advices or lessons or mostly crap. some also about my boring life where i mentioned i had dinner here and there, spent time with my friends.

however today, i am going to talk about time. TIMING. someone asked me if i am ready to be in a relationship back again. for your kind attention *giggles* i have been single for like..
how many years
about a year and half 
 hence that is the reason why this question popped out. i was actually quite surprised because even that can be a question. LOL i mean, is there a specific time for everything? do you know when are you going to fall in love again? do you know when are you going to be happy again, in case your life is miserable or whatsoever.
i guess we cant tell right
oh one more. do you know when are you going to be serious in your studies? (this is for those who are still in college or universities or specifically my juniors in GMI) LOL
i think we only know once we have decided about it. about the matter that has this 'timing'. i just realized this is also related to changes as well. i mean like do you know if you are ready for any changes in you or in your life or in everything. i guess its like a circle, where it meets at the same point again which is the decision. For me decision is like a goal or an objective. It has to be completed or done or achieved. Its like a task.
don't you think?
i just thought that every time we have decided on something, we have to make sure we get the outcome of what we want it to be or how we want it to be. 

Last Thursday, i had my first motivational talk at GMI where i have to give a talk to the new students for this year first intake. i guess it went well. i stutter a lot! i was nervous actually. however, i think i gave them a very good tips to survive brilliantly in GMI. 
its so easy
trust me
wait.shouldn't it be 'trust yourself'

working in CBTL is FUN. FUN. FUN. FUN. that is all i can conclude. 

i am doing cashiering right now. i have master the ice blended and 70% on the espresso machine. well. i guess. teehee! i even remember our regular customers name; Mr Salah, Mr Salem, Mr Kyle,  Ms Yam.. :)) but my colleague remember their drinks. i have not reach that part. LOL its such a good experience and looking forward for more exciting experience 

while in the morning, currently i have frequent meeting with Shell. we have issues on the valves, therefore there has been lots of meeting with them. also, there is a new project coming in and i am handling it. total projects are three now. AHAHA why do i update you with my working life now?

have a nice day peeps ;)