Friday, August 23, 2013

What matters to you

I have a friend who I’ve assumed she is in despair since she has to fulfill some of her parents expectations about her, in life generally. I think the ultimate desire for most parents on their child is to see their child to be successful. Due to that, we, the daughter of our parents, the son of our parents, have to acknowledge that the only thing can make them happy is to be successful in life.

I heard a lot of stories from my friends that their parents decide for them, who they are supposed to be in terms of profession/occupation. I would understand that if both of your parents are doctors, no doubt they want you to be doctor as well. However if that is not what you want, would you consider to fulfill their wish just to make them happy?
Would you do something that you wont be happy doing it?
I will tell what I would do if I am in this situation. But firstly, I want to thank god for giving such a loving parents and a perfect family to me. My parents are not the type where they are going to force you to do something just because it is the right thing to do. 

For me, my parents is my everything. If they ask me to study medicine, I don’t mind. If they ask me to study engineering, I don’t mind it too. This is all because, first, I trust them more than me to decide what I should be studying at that time. Secondly, I just thought that if I be what they want me to be when I get older, that would make them happy. My main goal is just to make sure I’ll try my best to make them happy and following their desire for what I will be when I am older is kind of achievable and feasible to me.

I believe that we can all love any type of profession if we have reason to love it. We can all be good at anything if we practice it. I mean, if you are really good in arts, that doesn’t mean you cant learn to love the medicine subject.
Everything is possible
It is just how you..erm..see it I guess. If you really good in arts and your parents want you to study medicine, and you cant convince your parents to let you be in the arts field then why not give it try. Learn medicine, just for the sake of making your parents proud and happy. Don’t worry about, you wouldn’t be happy in the profession, because are you not happy if your parents is happy?
That all that matters
I sound so pro-parents right now. LOL. I am writing this to tell my opinion and not what you should do if you ever face this situation. I just thought it’s a good share.