Sunday, June 2, 2013

KIL the movie

I never really into a malay movie until i watched KIL trailer before the premiere. I got hooked on the movie right after i saw the trailer and last thursday i managed to watch the whole movie. 

I think KIL is one of a kind for a malaysian-produced-movie. I dont think i have seen something like this coming from a malaysian producer or director. Im not good in film/movie maker so i dont know the correct term for that but im referring to the maker of the movie. Hehe. I love the way they make the movie. The editing for me is good, the cinematography. I look on that word because people review the movie and use that term. I agree, there is some kind of art being insert in the shooting of the movie. Thus, good job for creating such movie!

As for the redza and cristina, both are good looking and cute. I love how the movie show to us that no matter how wrong your life can be,we can always have something that we look up for, that make us keep on living. In this case, Akil has changed his mind because of Zara. Zara has been a distraction to his decision and he found reason to keep on living which is to continue seeing Zara and probably care for her. 
Life gets better when we have love in us
when we have someone that we can care about
When we have someone that we can tell almost everything
Ok,i think im going off topic now. Ahaha! 
overall, i love the movie. I think this would be the first malay movie that im going to recommend to my friends and make it my first malay-movie that i enjoy watching. The movie maker and the crew make a good job with just 11 days of making the movie. I think that is amazingly incredible and deserve a recognition in my blog. LOL 

If you havent seen this movie, i would suggest you to buy the ticket tomorrow because i watched this on midnight show because i was busy till at night(that thursday which is the premiere day), i went alone. I have the hall all by myself! Well, a couple sit at the top end and thats all; three of us. It was on thursday night, people are in the club enjoying the ladies night. Aahahaha! The tgv guy scare me off by telling me to be careful because there might be ghost but that was after i bought the ticket. I told him its too late to back off! Anyway, it was worth it. Even i was packed till night i still wanting to watch it as soon as i can. This would be the first movie that i have extremely looking forward to watch. I think its so crazy of me to watch it that midnight,because i was pretty packed up on that day. 

I would say, this movie has a weird impact on me in a positive way and therefore it deserves to be told and malaysians should support it. I want more KIL! But maybe the next one, "Akil" himself found his reason to keep living on his own without the help from others. Hehehe. And the song in the movie by Pesawat with the title Rapuh is totally dope! It has been playing in my head for days now. I wonder when will it stop. My friend go crazy when i was totally into the song. They said i look weird for liking a malay song because i sound like a different person. To be honest,its also so seldom of me to like a malay song, that is why this happens. Bestie even thought my bbm has been hacked because my status were the lyrics. Hehe.