Monday, March 18, 2013

What You Really Want

Someone's story somehow inspires me to write this post. The situation is about a girl who is torn in between two lovers. She feels so secure with the first person however feels so right when shes with the second person. A part of her tell her to keep the first one because of his stability and husband material type. Another part of her tell her to follow her heart since she is much more comfortable with the second person.
The choosing part is the difficult one

Im going to tell you what would i do if i ever faced this type of situation. Firstly, i would definitely ask myself what do i really want right now. If i choose to be happy, i would definitely leave the first one and go on with the second one. Since i can talk almost everything with this person and not with the first person. Besides, i fell for this person and i like to spend time more with this guy than the first one.
Remember, dont hold on to someone because you've been together for so long
This is not a good reason for you to stay with someone. It has always be about how you feel and what you want. Not the duration of the relationship. Dont be afraid to start fresh and new chapter. Take the risk for the sake of your heart. At least,we would be proud that we have corrected our doubting feelings or perturbations.
also, dont hold on to someone because of sympathy
you probably think you the only person that he can depend to or anything. for example, i did hold on to my previous relationship because i think it would not be fair if i leave because he had spend so much time with me and sacrifice a lot for me and so on. however, i knew what i want and i dont feel like im in a relationship at that time. hence i call it off. 

a wise lady told me a phrase that will make me remember it for the rest of my life. She told me on the phone while i was working. She was literally in tears while talking to me and me, being as empathetic as i am, was in tears too. She is the first person to make me cried in the office.
'Be with someone who won’t stay mad at you, who can’t stand not talking to you, and who’s afraid of losing you.'
However, we always not getting what we want in this world. well, i believe this only happens in the beginning. im sure it is just a test from God to see how strong we are on getting what we want in life. 
dont u agree?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Princess Sophia

Recently i made a new friend which happens to be my customer at my coffee bean outlet. It started out when she was requesting to name her as Princess Sophia.
Me: i can do that for you
but i didnt actually write her name and i kind of feeling a bit bad because its like telling people you will do it but in the end you didnt do it. so i tweeted about it. however, after i got back home, i have no idea why i search for Princess Sophia in twitter. 
guess what
i found her
her tweet was saying she just made a barista called her princess sophia out loud,twice. since then we have been exchanging DM in twitter and meet up and now, im a friend of hers. i just want to remind myself that i am glad that i did look up on princess sophia in twitter because i just thought i should at least say sorry or at least make it up to her.

i am not encouraging people to sort of stalk other people in twitter. i just thought i should tell the world that making new friends is not that hard. you just have to leave the door open to let other people come into your house or go out and bring them in your house.
im sorry, i love to use metaphor
 sometimes we need new friends to expand our circles or just maybe we needed a new friend. i can pretty much conclude that my relationship with my current close friends is much more to the "cost" than the "reward"
i just learned one of the subject in master of corporate communication for about an hour lastnight. hehe
it doesnt really means that i get less benefit when my investment is high. it just that, i cant really talk about certain topic that i really want to talk with my friends. Mostly because i dont really like how they reacted to the topic or how they response to the topic. Secondly, i found that they are not really interested in the topic. Thirdly, sometimes they are not being supportive. i always found myself down whenever i tried to talk about a certain topic. sometimes, im refraining myself from talking about it because i know im not going to get a good feedback or something like that. 
this explains why i needed a new friend
just to have someone that i can talk about things that i want to talk about and wont think twice to start a conversation.

those who are close to me probably read this, i just want to let you know that. this doesnt mean that i am replacing you to a new friend or anything. i still going to treasure our friendship, just lately when i needed someone to be there for me, you guys cant really make it due to commitments and responsibilities. hence i need different friend for different purposes. 
Can ar like that?
im selfish like that 

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Last Polka Tasting Party + Traxx FM

one word
well,first of all you get to eat the last polka ice cream for free. secondly, u get to meet fun people! so the two girls that has been doing the ice cream are May and Evi ( i have no idea how to spell her name but that will do) they are two pretty girls making delicious ice cream! we have tasted 7 flavours and for me the best would be
kopi c special
this is a must for production
for choosing me to join your party. i had a blast!

i met the girls in maryanne, kerry-ann and isabelle. they are so fun at one point my cheeks are in pain for laughing to hard. honestly, i dont really listen to traxx until today, i listen to it and found out that the songs are not bad
like seriously
i cant wait for kerry's segment tomorrow, saturday at 12pm till 3pm. her segment is called adult contemporary (AC). she'll be playing slow rock, rnb, soul etc etc. i hope i can make a request because i have this one soul song that i am into right now. well it was an old song anyway. its ok, still that is not the point.
im still waiting for belle to send me our pictures on that night
i think i am loving traxx so far. i have listen from hits to fly to mix and to red. i have listened to every radio station. however i think traxx is kinda cool because they have this talk segment that is so informative. it can be helpful for students, like seriously. i kid not. they are more to like giving motivation or maybe give us a lot information that can be useful in life,well in my point of view. the concept is just so different than any other radio station. i am having problem describing it
i think you should try listen to it and yeah. maybe tell me what do you of it?