Thursday, February 21, 2013

Azlan's 22th Birthday

im sorry i disclosed your age in the world wide web but i think its not that bad. you are not turning 40 or something. 
i hope you had a great time last night!
Mirjam text me and asked me to bring Zaimah along for the birthday celebration. I picked her up at this Titiwangsa LRT Station. After picking up, i remember i said this
ME: bring me back to the previous road. Jalan yang i masuk tadi
however we end up on a different road. we were like going to the REDZONE where it was the jammed area. it was madness. i started to swear like a lot and i think i just freak Zaimah out. it is like i'v been possessed by another soul and turn into someone else. HAHAHAH *joking* and i have to tell this one more time
i am born to get lost in my way or i should say in ANY way
tragically, Zaimah is also poor in directions. there is one time, she asked me to change lane to the left but according to the google map from my Ipad, i have to turn right. it turned out to be she was reading the map wrongly. so. yeah. we have no sense of direction. 
but we managed to arrive in Bangsar safely

we celebrated Azlan's birthday at Yeast, Jalan Telawi 2(if not mistaken). once we arrived, Megat was there sitting at the edge of the table. me and zaimah was screaming. we are two bimbos get excited over a Megat. ahahah! Azlan facial expression was the best. he was so surprised that Megat was there.

that is the best moment isnt it Azlan :)
 Mirjam's pancake that comes with salmon. totally a french meal
 my salad that has this pretty poached egg and bacon and gruttons with sides of sauteed mushroom

the restaurant is amazing. Mirjam is in love with it. the bread is delicious. food is great. dessert is marvelous. everything went well. the place is packed with decent people LOL i really really think Time Out KL should review the place. after that, we had coffee at COFFEA COFFEE. this place serves good coffee. like really really good, i kid not. i had latte machiatto without sugar. it taste so perfect you dont even need sugar.
 Megat's hot latte
 My latte machiatto

i feel so blessed to know you and to be close to you. i appreciate every single moment i hangout with you. i know you as a person who likes to make me confused (HECKYEAH). i still think i am more matured than you *coff cough* ahahah! i think we are both the same. hehee. i wish you all the best for your Final Year Project and hope everything went well. Dont stress yourself too much. Problems are meant to be shared, dont keep it to yourself. 
Thank you Megat for the surprise and preparation and the food
Thank you god for letting be apart of your life

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CNY 2013

This year chinese new year celebration is a bit disappointing since we don't do the yee sang and there was no lion dance that came to popo's house
We always have yee sang moment and lion dance every year. why didn't we have it this year? Maybe because all of us were not there. Aunty Vivien's family started staying in Paris last year. But hey, we all been affected by the absence of your family

however, i get to laugh out loud with my cousins. glad i did actually. i owe Megan a coffee date and probably bring her and Ashleigh to Hard Rock KL since our evil plan didn't work out.
"the evil plan was: after eating, we shall sneak into our grand uncle house and took the viva car keys(if
there is any) and drive the viva to HRC Penang. LOL "
we were playing truth or dare on the street opposite the house. there was this one white viva, so we thought we should have an evil plan. HAHAHA

I love the truth or dare session. i literally asked Megan to break up with a tree and she asked me to pose 3 times at her car. in conclusion, as far as i am unhappy for not getting the yee sang or a lion dance. i think family gathering is enough for me. we like to be close to each other. we like the bonding time that we have spent together.
that is why i love my family
for keeping me close to our roots
and making me aware the importance of family

i have celebrated my birthday with bestie last friday, the night before my birthday. she asked me to go to this Delicious at Dua Residency. she was so afraid i might get lost but i told her i have my GPS with me and my ipad. i was driving, following the GPS until i saw KLCC entrance in front of me. im like
so yeah
i got lost
repetitively ask myself where am i
i was at this bloody street named persiaran something. i literally u-turn at the same street for two times. until i decided to stop at one of the hotels by the road side and ask the jockey for directions. 
jockey: two traffic light then turn left
so i followed his advice. once i turned left, i was at this dark alley(so-called-alley just to sound a bit dramatic LOL)and there was this motorcycle passed me and look at me WHICH started to make me worried so i put myself up and try to look as confident as i can.
bloody hell
i thought i was lost again
until i get at the end of the road
i didnt get lost after that ahahah

i am really really grateful to have bestie to celebrate my birthday and make it so special. the place was soooo you = classy. i get to see live performances. the food is great. 
thank you
i love u to the moon and back

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FYP English Supervisor

That would be Ms Adibah. She is so adorable for emailing me and asked how am i doing right now. i told her i have extra curriculum activity which is my part time job
nag at her how boring my morning job can be and tell her how glad i am to be one of the CBTL team. she told me, her brothers work in the same field as mine (Oil and Gas), and it does get boring sometimes. however, when tenders are coming in, that will be the busiest day ever. i am actually quite relieved when she said i am still young and hardworking hence i should be using this time to make $$$ and meet new people and gain experience
i can conclude that she sound like she doesnt mind with my "extra curriculum" activity. because she mentioned that she is happy for me!
she even offer herself to write me a letter of recommendation if i ever need one
thank you Ms Adibah

She is actually my english supervisor for my FYP. she checked our project report, slides etc. i think i made a right choice for choosing her as my supervisor. i always thought she is someone that gives a lot when she is giving. as in, when she comment on our work, she'll give constructive ideas and even help us to improve on the work. i dont feel irritated or annoyed with her comments and all. she is super nice to lend me her laser pointer for my presentation. 
i have to say this in the worldwideweb
that laser thingy is super cool
u can use the buttons to control the presentation slides

chinese new year is around the corner. this year i have decided to wear green :) EMERALD GREEN! i bought 2 dresses in
i never believe in online shopping but that website made me believe in it. LOL i just thought the dresses in the website are kind of classy and most are my taste. 
do you know my birthday falls on the chinese new year eve?
i am excited for my birthday. we are going to be in penang during chinese new year. will be celebrating with my awesome cousins! i cant wait to see the Quah's family. we all love gathering. i cant wait to tell Ashleigh that i am one of the CBTL Barista
i should ask her to work there after SPM
back to topic
so my plan is to drag my two elder sisters to Hard Rock Penang on my birthday night. or any night that we are free AHA! i never been there so i thought it will be great to just feel the place and check out the place. i already love HRC KL. so. yeah.