Sunday, December 30, 2012

CBTL Barista

that is my part time job. you probably think im demented for having 2 jobs. ahahaha! i thought the same too. i've been looking for a part time since i got my current job right now because i dont really enjoy myself at work with sitting in front of the computer and handle documents or sometimes just sit and doing nothing. hence i thought of doing a part time at a retail company because i've worked in Karen Millen Pavillion. however, there is one CBTL near to my work place and i thought of giving it at try to apply. the girl asked me to fill in the form and interview me straightaway and the next thing i know is
i am hired
it was a quick one
my first day was great. it went well. it was last thursday where i go straight after work, bestie was there to send me at my place and to buy something sweet. i have learnt to make the ice blended, but i still got confused. i think i will be able to master it all after a month without asking and confirming the ingredients. 

besides, i could really use some money. seriously. when is money going to get enough. ahahah! especially when i have my own car and paying for it every month. having less money is like having less time with your friends. 

maisha asked me to call her ASAP last night. that message somehow gave me a scare because she never been an avid person before
i called this morning while having my carwash
she told me a story that made her weep last night after she stalked someone in facebook
firstly,you should be happy because the person who is 'replacing' my place is a total .......
 this post shall be rated as G for general audiences
seriously honey, dont weep. you should be happy for me because.. first, you got me all by yourself now.
ahaahaha. i sound like a lesbian partner huh? :P secondly, you know me. you know my position. you know it because we talked about it at La Risata. LOL
and that is my favorite drink. pure vanilla. ahahha! i never know CBTL have regular customer. i always thought that only retail have these type of customer. well, my CBTL outlet sure have lots of regular customer. i know a guy who will always come every night to have his espresso. there is also a group of ladies at their 30s. a chinese couple (maybe) which the guy i found eyeing me before i work there. ahaha. so far i enjoy meeting or seeing these people because that is my passion. that is what i like to do 
meeting new people
i can conclude that i will end up trying lots of job due to my passion. hehehe. we will see. i would love to try to work with kids far as i know, i get easily annoyed with noisy kids. especially if they are crying. gezz.. i dont know if i can handle that.