Monday, December 3, 2012

I Choose to be Happy

somehow i've been repeating that sentence over and over again. everyday. in my head. im referring to my title. what does it really means when i said that?
i choose to be happy
well, maybe because i love DIAMONDS song so much but it is also about something that i've decided to do right now. im going to do anything that makes me happy and im not going to hold back due to any type of reasons. it can be any happiness and it can be any type of reasons. 
so yeah
we only live once
enjoy it while you can

i have relationship issues to share. well, totally not mine since i am NOT in any relationship. *coff cough* a friend of my friend, she is so into this guy but she didnt get any feedback from this fella. this is definitely pissing me off because 
we are not talking about white guys. no offence, because as far as i know, white guys reaction is kind of slow. teehee! OK! back to the story. he is a malaysian. if he doesnt reply most of your messages. again. dont waste your time honey. go date other guys. if you think he likes you and still want him to make a move, trust me, date other guys. this is just to know if he really likes you or not by looking at his reaction when you go on a date with other guys. 
if he is still not responding
the number you have dialled is not in service
i just want to say, you dont deserve to be treated like that. a nice girl like you dont deserve guys that dont care much when you care so much about him. 
yeah.falling for the wrong guy

christmas is coming soon. i hope there will be a reunion of the Quah's family except for Aunty V's family since they are living in Paris now. awwwww.. i miss the moment when daddy and uncle JB had the best turkey competition. we do miss you aunty vivien, uncle JB, anais and tea. hope you guys doing well there. we are keeping track on your beautifully-written-blog