Saturday, November 24, 2012

Worst Wound Dressing

im sure everyone been wanting to know if i get to study in UK or not or when am i going to continue my study
let me breathe
if there is nothing wrong with my application this year,i will be going off to UK next year for the September intake. so stop wondering am i or am i not going to continue my study.
if it doesnt work out as planned,then i might just go to taylor lakeside to do my degree. okk? :D
i was supposed to write my personal statement now but end up here and post this. hmph. i'v started writing it, just that i need to continue writing. i hope i can finish it by tonight. probably ask my bestie to check it because im sure there will be grammar mistake or spelling mistake. 

this post is going to be plain-boring. i thought i might get my car today,it looks like they are not going to release it yet and only god knows why. AHA! im so going to visit bestie frequently once i have my car. ahaha! and bothers her more after that.

i fell on my knees yesterday. it hurts so badly. its been a while since i hurt myself but im used to it since i played netball back in highschool. it wouldnt be a sport if u never get hurt. so, someone bandage my knee with this cotton gauze swab. i would suggest you, not to use this as a wound dressing because when u remove it, it hurts like hell
no kid
i removed it last night and was cursing alone in my room repeatedly because the pain is madness. it even made my knee bleed again. luckily i was alone in the room if not i am sure you going to be surprised with the way i curse. 
its ugly
uh uh
see that cotton gauze swab.thats the worst wound dressing everrr AHA
my knees