Monday, November 5, 2012

The 18th GMI Convocation

praise the god
praise the god
praise the god
i am so grateful that the 18th GMI convocation went well. well done to whoever preparing the ceremony. it was awesome since they have this live band from no-where perform during the entire ceremony.

it was such an honour to receive the Best Student Award for the IE Department. i am truly speechless and happy because it is always my dream to get an award from GMI. however, i always been chasing this award for my parents. i just thought getting this would surely make my parents proud and happy. and i have to say this again, even though i might have said it in my previous post or anywhere.
without her, i wouldnt be where i am right now
and i kid not
this is true
im not trying to sell her out or anything, just its something i have to tell everyone that if it wouldn't be her saving me when i was on the ground, i wont get what i have achieved now in GMI
trust me
i know
im sure everyone knws who is the her im referring to in this post ;)

so! how do i feel when i got the award. well, GREAT! but. i know, from now on, i am a role model to all my juniors. everyone wants to be successful like me. im flattered. to know that someone actually said
i want to be like erika
i want to be successful like you
you inspire me 
is just speechless
you can always be successful like me but u dont want to be me as in me,erika. i talk crap a lot and i tweet a lot and sometimes i sleep a lot. and im a forgetful person. sometimes irritating. LOL i should stop now. AHA!

i would definitely share the tips for becoming successful like me in GMI. firstly *drum rolls*
never ever mess with the wrong person in GMI
ok.scratch that
have ur goals set in your mind
stay focus on it
and believe in it
i think most students don't set goals when they enter college. they dont know what they are supposed to achieve once they are done with the 3 years of studying. next is distractions are everywhere. of course, we as a human, will be distracted by any sort of distractions. however, make sure you are back on track and stay focus once you are off the track. 
somehow someone managed to get me back on track
thank you very much

how am i going to spend the money? of course im going to get my own car. its so hard to move around without a car. ahahah! influenced by someone that i am now a kaki-jalan person, which means i like outings. cant seem to stay indoor for too long. aahaha

congratulations again to all GMI graduates. we made it! all the best for your future undertakings. always believe in god, since HE always listen to our prayers. stay focus,dont get off the track for too long. and set goals. as they said
hidup ini kena ada matlamat

 proud daddy and mummy :*
 i made it!
 we in our penguin suit ;D
somehow i like the grey largh. lalalalalala
 my friends since first year *love u both*
my supportive sister