Sunday, October 28, 2012

Skyline, Not the Car

i've been going out so many times lately since someone love to bring me out *coff cough* ahahah! i think, we humans, always seek for entertainments. im not blaming anyone, just that we tend to forget the world when we are out and have fun

me, johan and jeff went for the timeout live KL last wednesday at stage kl. ok, i dont really enjoy the performances because everytime a new band comes on stage, they will spend minutes of preparation for their instruments which somehow kills my mood little by little. we didnt watch the whole the performance because at one point, there is this one group took so long to prepare their stuff and we just walked off and head to HardRock
i love the first performance. forgot the name of the band. and we all love Darren Ashley. i hope i spell his name correctly. his genre of music, is sure to be liked the most by the audiences because he is a deejay. and most of the band, is somehow like indie band or underground band. it was ok, but just that one particular moment when my mood is

the performances in Hard Rock KL is the best! well, its HRC anyway. its the SKYLINE who performed on that night. i heard they are going to perform till december or november. cant remember. but their choices of songs are the best.
from buble to rihanna to maroon5
the three of us enjoyed most of the songs. they are gooddd.. and the girl sing my favourite song which is diamonds from rihanna! that is like the latest song! and im a very big fan of rihanna. this makes me like them more. aha!
check them out at HRC KL because i am sure its going to be worth it!