Sunday, October 21, 2012


Apparently someone went berserk and give me ideas to write this post. have you ever wonder many things till you give up to think of the "wonder" and start blaming that the world is always ALWAYS against you?
why do people do this to me?
why do i have to face this?
why there are so many WHY in this world?
i think in this type of situation, one must start thinking about oneself instead of other people or the things around them. i mean why do u have to question other people when the one that should be question is you and not anyone else.

there are always reasons behind every thing that happen to us in this world. its just a matter of we knowing it or not. as usual, we always go for the things around us and seldom ask ourselves what had we done until these things happen. of course i admit we always go like that because we are human and we wont go looking for our mistake first. however if this doesnt happen AT ALL, then it will be a problem lah. ahaha! so, always remember to ask what had u done instead of why do ppl do this or that.

"someone makes me think if i am selfish for putting one particular picture as my display picture in my facebook. i mean, im sorry if im being selfish or anything. i just like the picture. i dont intend for ppl to make fun of her or anything, that doesnt come across my mind at all. i dont really know how to react towards this actually. idk. idk."