Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Love is Powerful

i dont intend to write about love in this post but i guess i will insert a little bit about it here. i just want to write about a person who i cared so much but now the feelings are depleting due to some reasons. i have made myself many distraction such as making new friends, having fun and so on. this is only to distract myself from the person because i know i cared too much about the person.

sometimes we did our best to help our trouble friends, change them for the better. some may accept the fact that we are only helping them to be better, some may not see it that way. hence, when the situation got worst and the other party is not making the situation any better, this is the time where i see i should back off
previously, i keep telling myself that everyone needs 
someone to care about them
to be by their side during the hard times
i guess that does not comply to everyone. it depends on the person itself, whether they want to be helped or not. i always have this perception in my mind that, no one deserve to be ignored or treated badly. which is true. just that, in this case. its complicated.

im writing this, not to tell that i have a trouble friend or anything. its just something that i want to share about how i felt when this things happened. i chose to stop cared about u because putting all the effort to it is just not worth it when you are not helping yourself out. this is where i realized that you chose not to help yourself. 

one thing for sure that i learned from this situation is to love yourself. how do you even know you are loving yourself? easy peasy. 
you respect yourself
you feel you are worthy 
and deserve any type of love from others
when you started to love yourself, you will make sure that you are going to lead a fulfilled life. this will automatically attracts positive energy and here comes The Secret. hehehe. those who reads The Secret would know what am i talking about.

besides that, learn to let go. do not let the past define who you are now. care what you have learned, how you have changed and grown from the past.
forgive yourself
and always feel good about yourself. feel great and fabulous always. in that way, it will increase your self esteem and you will eventually starting to take good care of yourself.

"forgive me for my imperfections. i hope to be a better friend rather than just retreating from the war you are in right now. i know you have followed the wrong strategy and will be defeated at the end. therefore, i am not joining the force"