Saturday, September 22, 2012

Iphone or Samsung?

this is the question that people will keep asking themselves. talking about gadget, how many we should have to keep up with latest technology or the trend or even the world. so that you would not feel left out or u would not feel you are not in this world
my opinion on getting your hands on these two items will be in this post

The iphone. people are not calling it just an iphone. they called it THE iphone. its like saying anything in superlative expressions; THE best. THE coolest. LOL. i sound one sided from the beginning! im sorry. back to the whole thing! besides all that, apple devices are well known for their classyness gedikness and vanity and celebrity style or even an high end gadget. 
we are living in a celebrity-obsessed world
take note
what am i trying to say is, if you are looking for a phone that has a wow factor more than samsung, then Iphone would be the best choice. its also for those who are into branded stuff.

i have to add one more thing about using an iDevice. this is not only because of the brand and all those that i have stated up there. this is also about the feelings that you get when you use the apple products. for me, it makes me feel special when i used them. this gives me more confident and raises my self esteem! i know it may sound nonsense bullshit but i think this is quite true. give it a try and tell me how you feel.. because look it at this angle, the wow factor is always ALWAYS at the apple side. when using their products, its like having a gucci or a louis vuitton or even the prada! 
its like a gucci with an interactive screen that able to make calls,text and go online

next is THE samsung. samsung also have the THE. because im trying not to sound  one sided but this helps a bit right? ahahah. Samsung is well known for their bombastic features that makes people think its always better to choose this over the iphone. which is quite true,but only for those who are into the specifications of the phone and not the branding and vanity and so on. i have to agree that Samsung features are much more better than the iphone. they have this AMOLED screen that makes the images look super real till you would not believe your eyes and tell me that your eyes is betraying yourself hahaha and its thin and have this HUGE screen. all the wa wa woom factor for the features! again, this would be a better choice if you are a person who is into the features or specifications. 

however, i have to tell that i am in the apple team #TeamApple hehe because i love the feelings that i get when i used them. this is much more to the feelings than the vanity and so on. it does makes me feel a little bit cooler and the touch screen is the best value so far. i tried the keyboard for Samsung and my typing is not that smooth. i don't know about that or maybe my fingers are not smooth at that moment. LOL. so yeah, apple keyboard is the BOMB! i can type super fast from my ipad which makes the replying emails job much more easier. sometimes i blog using my ipad too, just that its hard to edit the font color and the font size. 

so am i answering the common question that people keep asking here and there? if you still having problems making decision, then just buy both. or u can never go wrong for the iphone.
sorry. i can't help it. 
okay my confidence and my self esteem need to be raised up, hence looking the picture in weheartit apps from my ipad is what i need now ;)