Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Colors of People

after a week working in Karen Millen, i met all types of people. some are funny, some are just plain annoying, some are flat like no feelings or mood or in neutral mode. i think that is the best part of working where you get to see many characteristics.
*crap. i know LOL*
i think i am doing good now. i enjoy making sales for the company. i enjoy working at a lively place. for me, to not live in a lively place is a waste. AHAH! we have no time to waste! time is gold. we get to live just once! ok. that is out of the whole point. my point is, just...
live your life

today, i have surprised Ms Safrina since it is her birthday today. damn! this is in the world wide web AHA! i hope some day people will write about me in the world wide web. so, i was planning with Mirjam to surprise her. it happened at Alexis Bangsar, i came there early. i got lost by the way. ok. back to the story :D before they even arrived i was already shaking.
like literally bloody shaking so bad
how do i know that? because i can see my 'shakiness' when i am trying to light up the candles LOL it was bloody funny. i was 'kanciong' i broke the candle a bit ahaha! but it wasn't that visible teehee. they sat outside, i heard her voice
she is loud anyway
i was hiding at the side of the bar at the inside, so i take a peek and said the eff word! because she was facing me. so i text Mirjam
she is facing me!
how laaaa
after that, i dont know how Mirjam managed to change her sit. i brought the cake and started singing happy birthday song!

it was great. she was screaming non-stop. repeating its my birthday many times. it was great. it was great. ahaha! i wish i managed to get the bisou people to draw handbag on the cupcakes but the girl said she can't make it. we had a great lunch; Mirjam had this salmon sandwiches and we shared the alexis burger
thank god
my tummy is bloated nowadays because of my menstrual cycle. gahhhhh! it will become so bloated till i feel like i am pregnant! gezzz.. this physical look is so uncomfortable.

i look so chinese --'