Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Job

heck yeah right. this post will be about my first job. i don't consider my practical as my first job because it is not a job. the end. 
i started on Monday. Started looking for a job on the fourth day of Raya, my parents was so mad because they were like
why do you want to work so fast
daddy will ask someone to find a job for you la
i thought i will not go out on that day, but i did. aha! so i went to this mall in the middle of KL *wink* First was Jim Thompson, i filled up a form. Then Topshop. The man suggested me to go to Karen Millen because he said i look more exclusive watever that means and still new. i need a place where there's only a few customer since im..
went in and had my first walk-in interview. the chinese girl asked quite a few questions, i guess she likes me or the way i answer her question so she hired me. YAY! and that's just it. THE END.

at first, i really thought i need a job because my friend is working. everyone is working. i feel so left out
this is why i really REALLY need to start working. besides, i never work before. so why not start something common such as working in the retail line. after the very first day of working, that night, i literally tell myself
it was bloody tiring. i do not care if i do very well on the first day, in my sales but it was so tiring. my legs are super tired. everything is tired! then the next morning, i told myself
every job will be the same
don't quit
if they can do it why not you
all those thoughts coming in fast
so i work happily that day. i met my new colleague. the team is a girl team. LOL no boys. so it was a good start for that day. however, when the day almost over. i told myself
this is tiring
ok. don't slap me kayyyy :D i know i am a ________. fill the blank your own. ahah! but it is very tiring okay! maybe because i am not used to stand a very long time and REMEMBER i never work before. this is it
welcome to the working world
heck yeah it is tiring and boring and so mafan. i really thought i am going to quit. however... today, the person who has been saying this after my first day of working
"tu la, tak nak dengar cakap mummy"
ahahah.. that first night, everyone has to listen to Nagging Erika. my leg is tired. my leg is so lenguh. my leg that. my leg this. but this morning, mummy said
"don't quit la erika.cuba kerja dulu sebulan.first first memang sakit sebab tak biasa. after a time, ok la."
i am totally shocked! heck yeah! because my mum always ALWAYS against me when i want to work, so when she said that it really hit me. like wow! mummy just ask me to work! and besides that, i also tweeted 
when things get rough, i am running away. damn. i should stay
and Megat reply me by saying stay and fight. i am sure he knows what am i talking about so i have another person telling me to stay. he was the first to tell me that when i am in my conscious and able-to-think mode. hehe. really glad it hit me. and then to look like this most of the time
i decided to stay
for now
to find out how long
keep tracking me down