Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lonely Raya

This year raya would be the weirdest because we went to Melaka on the first day of Raya. We visited my mum's sisters, had glorious melaka food. We dont usually go to Melaka, that is why it is quite a weird Raya. This is due, my dad has no soldiers under him. He no longer the chief officer of a batallion! Ahaha usually his soldiers will come to our house with their families and i just realized our open house every year would be the first day of raya. This year was on the second Raya. Weird weird weird.
I didnt know that most of the people are not available on the first and second of Raya. Well, the first day they might visit the father side while the next day the mother side. So yeah, i havent been so thoughtful. heh.

Mirjam came with 3 GMI students, all guys and they are sabahan. She brought me something from Germany! Woohoo! An eye shadow set
it looks the same as above only that i have the baby blue and brown color
Organic Eyeshadow
Niceeee isnt it! Aha! 

Johan also came all the way from Shah Alam. Its great to catch with them. I watched the expandables 2 with mirjam and the three guys, which i forgot their names.
Hold on
Danial, Jessel and and Jonathan!
Hah i remembered

What would you say to someone who knows he is dying soon? I mean, lets make a situation. A friend called you and say another friend of yours is dying. He can die tomorrow or next 2weeks. And you can only make a call. You cant meet him due to a certain reason. And as always, a call will end with a goodbye, and that goodbye might be the last word from you to the person. 
What should we say?
Obviously not get well soon or everything is going to be alright. I think i would start by asking him how is he doing and update him what is happening in our life right now. Pretend it is a normal call where you just have to update someone with your life. Then only i would talk about moment i had with the person. 
Good moments
Great memories
Happy memoirs
But if you have a chance to not tell the person, that he is dying soon. Will you do it? Im totally doing it. It depends actually. I rather not know that i am dying than to know that i can die anytime soon. If i know that i am dying soon, i dont think i would enjoy life since i know it is coming to an end. Because everyone is afraid of death. Well, I do.