Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm Coming Home

I hear 'the tears of a clown', i hate that song
this is tweeted by ms safrina. I didnt know the whole meaning of the tweet so this is what i have replied 
What song has a clown in it la. Hehe

Then she bbm me all of the sudden saying its pdiddy. Im coming home. For raya season. Hits keep playing it. Listen to it. Yada yada yada.. Seriously, at that moment i have no idea why she told me all this. Until she called and explain everything in detail. Ahaha! 

It is such a beautiful song full of methapors. Brilliant analogy. Its a song about reconciliation since his friend died and that has changed his life. All he want is forgiveness for being such a horrible person to his 'kingdom' which means his loved ones or friends and family. However he was forgiven, that is why he is ready to come home. This song would remind him how much he regretted what he had done or his past. Lets say being a celebrity makes you forget the world and egoistic or in a simple word, a*holes. So he has not been a good father to his child which he inserted in his song; 
what if the twins ask why i aint marry their mum. What if my son stares with a face like my own
However, he will repay back all his wrongdoings because he stated 'i aint finished growing' And also he told the twins 'i'll be better in the morn'. He admit he was the 'clown'
the tears of a clown . I hate that song
He hated the song because The clown resembles him. Imagine, p diddy being called as a clown. He dated most of the beautiful women in the world; jlo, cameron diaz, sienna miller, naomi campbell. Im sure his ego is smeared to call himself a clown. And the last verse where he said 
Lost my dog (i miss u big)
The dog probably coincides Biggie, a friend of his. Because what is a man bestfriend? A dog. Exactly. So i think what is he trying to say is he has lost his friend, his defender, his partner which forever faithful to him and true, till the last beat of his heart. and that has made him the person he is right now; a better man.

that is diddy with his family

This would not be here in my blog if ms safrina didnt tell me the whole 'im coming home' story. So apart of this whole-thing is from her. *lets give her an applause hehe* I just thought i need to update my blog, so this would be interesting. Since raya is around the corner, is playing this song over and over again. Students kept posting this song on FB and all they know is 'coming home' or in other words 'balik kampung' ahaha. Nice nice. I would think the same. But i dont give a damn much of the meaning of the song until today. So she was saying this song should get an award because the lyrics is beautifully written, the song is just classically cool lah. Ahaha. 

also, she said the saddest thing happened today is one of her student said people keep reminding her 
It must be sad for not having your family around during raya
My heart skipped a beat. I mean i did some sort of reminding someone how sad would it be to not be with her family during raya. So this is really an eye-opening. There is no need for this
Its too bad ur parents not around
It would be better if ur parents are around
And anything else that may sound the same
I would like to apologise to those who got hurt when i tweeted 'that', and thank u ms safrina, as always, u open up my eyes beyond boundaries.