Monday, August 13, 2012

EQ in Remaja

it took me a while to accept the fact that i am actually in a malay magazine called Remaja which means Teenagers in english *thank u megat*. aha! at first i wasnt too proud of it mainly because it is in Malay. yeah, u can bloodyshoot me! but i was so stupid to not appreciate things like that. that is why i write this, to remind myself not to be pompous and cocky

i got the whole page by myself *grateful*

i never thought myself to be in a magazine. on top of that, to inspire the readers of Remaja is just more than i could ever imagine. i was chosen because my academics and curriculum are excellent. besides promoting GMI, they also want to highlight girls power. Gender does not stop for u to chase ur dreams or even perform well in a male dominated course, which in my case is engineering.

the reporter asked so many questions, i would like to share to u some of the questions and answers that i think are quite interesting. hehehe

do u mind to share ur tips to success?
"Get Inspired" Inspiration is powerful because it comes with love. love can always make us do something absurb but phenomenal. then do not be selfish, share your knowledge. lastly, believe. yes. just like Justin Bieber said. ahah! have faith in yourself and believe that u can achieve ur goals.

who is ur idol and inspired u to success?

my parents because i always knew they wanted me to be a bright student and always depend on me to make them proud. they are everything to me, so i am willing to do anything just to make them happy. the least i can do is to do well in my studies and make them proud. 

what are the activities u do with ur friends during ur free time?

oh my god, right after the external presentation, i've been going out , having the time of my life. i hangout with ms safrina a lot. so we usually hangout at any cafe and chat. all we do is talking. we are cool people with full of crap stories. AHA!

between curriculum and academic, which is important? why?

i think it would be curriculum because for me, in GMI, when u improve ur interpersonal skills, it will eventually improve ur academics. this is due, GMI is more to hands on in its studies. therefore, i think entering a club will definitely help in improving the students soft skills. this will aid the students to get good marks in their academics because most of the syllabus in GMI is presentation orientate, which somehow requires good soft skills to score A in most of the subjects.

what is ur advice to the youth out there who wanted to study the same course as u?

my advice would be never stop learning or obtaining knowledge. to succeed in GMI is easy, all u need is effort and passion in everything u do. dont give up because some of the subject are just too challenging. hence more research need to be done. read many journals because what is in the handbook or classes is never enough. besides, process control is a rare course but has a high value in the industry especially something related to industry such as industrial engineering. this was told by a professor in UPM when i interviewed him for my final year project. 

ok, enough of the question and answer session. AHAH! for your information, all questions were asked in malay, i translated it because all my answers in English. i almost answered wrongly because i was confused with the word 'pengajian'. i thought i was supposed to write about my institute but it turn out to be about my course. luckily i doubt myself and ask my sister what is the meaning of pengajian. and my English and Bahasa are not excellent, sorry for that.

thank you GMI