Sunday, May 20, 2012

GMI Goes Green Today

GMI finally go green today! Matthias Gelber gave a talk on HIJAU stuff this morning. he did asked many great question like
do u monitor your electrical consumption power?
what have u done something green today?
there were many questions but as always, i only remember a few. for me to monitor the power consumption of every device is cool
because u get to know the power usage.i should get one of those power monitoring plug. and i do actually practice going green but its not that big. only keeping the tap close while brushing my teeth. heh. im interested in implementing the recycling system by the Green Guy in Malaysia, here in every block of the hostel. Due to the exposure of the importance of going green, i have switched off all the lights in my room now bcz my roomies are not around. thank you GMI!
mufidah and eija
after lunch, i tried to have my nap but i cant. so end up, took my ass off from the bed and went to the fyp room.  im so afraid our machine will not going to operate. hmph..