Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Diary of Erika

I was listening to this song; Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin. Its an old song, i do remember when i was in sarawak, i love this song to the max.
A sweetheart bought me VS lip gloss! *screams* hamagad... I even have a mini VS bag that comes with it *excited* Thank you so so much for the gift. I love it! N it taste so bloody sweet! Once i put it on, im like. This is sweet! Sweet, sweet as in sugar?
Who needs kisses?? LOL
I went to the FYP room in the morning. I helped syazwan with the piping by putting the white tape at the pipe's thread. Accident happened. I cut my finger with a scissor. It bleed and i got freak out
So i started to walk around asking for tissue
Tragically, no one owns a tissue --' so i bbm Megat. LOL. I think that is the stupidiest action ever. I was so afraid to wash on running water because i scared it might hurts so bad. But in the end, i managed to suck it up!! I washed the cut on running water. Heh.
It doesnt hurt that bad
So, latest song-diction is John Legend-Tonight. Ok, the lyrics is just so lewd and dirty. I didnt fall for the words, but the beat. Heh. Whatever that means.
Updating blog using Ipad is weakening my creativity to post pictures and color a bit of the important words. *sigh*
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