Saturday, April 28, 2012


two months more till i completed my 3 years diploma in industrial electronics specialized in process instrumentation and control. what are my feelings?

currently my final year project (FYP) group is progressing quite good because we are the only group that have received all. i repeat ALL our purchased items.
syazwan is so good in handling purchasing. good job syazwan!
and now we have painted the structure and wiring is on going. doing the wiring is so bloody painful! u really need a manicure after u do the wiring. like seriously. besides, i got heat rash right after i did the painting. my hands are all covered with rashes. i thought i was allergic to the paint and going to die soon!! but daddy told me it was a heat yeah.
im fine now :)

to wait for my teammates to paint it, it will be late. so that's why i decided to paint our structure.also to let them know that i want this project to be done fast because there are still so many things to do and there's not much time left.

thinking of the 2 months left really do shivers me. at first it wasnt that scary. now it is quite intimidating. because..i dont know.. how the hell am i going to live without ms safrina?! :D u all should know that this lady is
a wonder woman
if this is an emoticon, it will be the dancing emoticon :D
ok.maybe a super woman because i want to be a wonder woman. hehe. or u can be kim possible AHA! 
call me, beep me, if u wanna reach me
this lady taught me so many things about life, people and relationship. u always inspire me in many ways ms saf. she taught me that in the end, we will always be on our own. when we face death, we do so alone. hence even if we are surrounded by family and friends, we have to make that final passing on our own.

and whenever im down, i should just keep on crying till im tired of crying. and the next day, i should move on with my freaking life because im sure i wont be dead for crying too much. hehehe.
i hope u dont mind me putting this on my blog :D it has a very low quality pun.hehe

i love you to death and i dont know how can i repay u. i fall and i didnt even noticed. i was denying it as far as i can remember, but u. u brought me up. u push me up and make me regained back my momentum and focus. i hope to do the best this semester and make u proud. and thats the only way i think to repay u. *hugs*