Saturday, March 24, 2012

Change of Identity

previously i was known as "someone's girlfriend", so after the break up i was actually finding myself; who i am. so most of the people here will say i changed a lot after the break up yada yada yada.

first of all, i believe that what we have turned into is what we have decided to be. it has nothing to do with the influenced of friends or the society im living in. its just merely my choice because that's what i am.
i choose how my life should be
im the one who made the choices in my life

i have been so lazy to update my blog because.. i got better things to do? AHA! i am so glad i still have awesome friends after i left my boyfie. i thought i will be a very sad lonely person because i believe in karma. however, what i did was the best the choice in my life so far.
love cannot be force

they are my friends who taught me many things in life. far from left is azlan, megat, eqin and me. i remember megat said never be sorry for who you are. n eqin taught me to be more cautious in life or in men. LOL. n azlan, something to do with dont be afraid to take challenges. some sort like that lah, but i forgot. 
im happy and so grateful to have u guys in my life!

as for my girlfriends
far from left is biha, baizura, jieha(i call her jo!) and the one in green is GMI beloved hot&sexy TTO, ms safrina zainal abidin. ahahha simply put her fullname so when people google her name, hopefully my blog will appear. 
they are the ones when u needed a laugh. they are the ones where u share almost everything n nothing to hide of because they dont judge. i feel comfortable to share all my problems with them.